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iBall to launch EduSound i5 Speakers -Special Support for Education & Classrooms

Known for its innovative and latest technology products, iBall has taken a step further in expanding its expertise in the audio industry with the wooden make of ‘EduSound i5 speakers’ designed especially for Education and Classrooms. It is introduced, precisely keeping presenters and teachers in mind, and it enables group learning activities and high quality presentations in any meeting setup.
An average teacher speaks at about 60 decibels; diminishing to 0 decibels within 0.7 seconds. This means the further the student is sitting from the teacher, the more that student will miss. However, the issue is resolved with iBall EduSound, delivering 360°omni directional sound experience. With its the ability to mount, the speaker equally disperses the less on to each student as if each student was sitting in the front row.
With its powerful wood built, enjoy in comparable resonance, enhanced earing experience and balanced depth of sound for learning. With a total of 30 Watts RMS power, the speaker delivers crisp, clear and powerful sound along with the Down firing sub-woofer design. Designed with manual functional controls of Power, Volume, Bass and Treble controls, enjoy wood sound, good sound.
Speaking on the launch of iBall’s first EduSpeakers, Mr. Sandeep Parasrampuria, (CEO and Director – iBall) said, “Speakers are an important aspect in classroom digitization as students are more likely to participate in class discussions, understand instructions and stay on tasks when the sound is clear and without distortion.”
EduSound is the befitting answer to the dynamic needs of today’s education. Easy to install, iBall EduSound is available with leading dealers in India at MRP of just Rs. 2,999/-
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