HTC One with bigger screen rumoured; software updates for 8X and 8S soon

imagesDespite opinions that HTC is in trouble, the company seems to be active on a lot of fronts, simultaneously.

It seems that we could expect more goodness, the same level as seen on the HTC One. Sources close to the company are suggesting that HTC is working on a bigger screen version of the One. One of the sources close to Pocket-Lint says that HTC is working on bringing the screen size of the One closer to what Samsung offers with the Galaxy S4. Another source suggests the screen size will be bumped up beyond 5-inches, but lesser than 6-inches, which will bring it in direct competition with the Samsung Galaxy Note II. This news comes soon after another source that suggested that HTC was working on a smaller version of the One, with possibly a 4.3-inch display.


The Windows Phone devices are not being neglected in the midst of all the excitement about the expected versions of the One. The HTC Windows Phone 8X and the Windows Phone 8S will soon get software updates, which will bump up the versions of some system apps. For example, Beats Audio, which is currently on version 3.4, will be updated to version 3.45.

No matter what certain opinions say, HTC seems to be getting back into the Android flagship smartphone game big time. First up was the announcement that they have sold 5 million units of the HTC One flagship, since launch. This despite the well documented production troubles.