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How technology plays an important role in the Healthcare system today

The Covid-19 crisis has left put country in a state of frenzy. This health crisis has led to an economic crisis globally, and it is projected that this crisis will be more impactful than the great depression and the 2008 global financial crisis. The healthcare sector has been severely impacted, especially in countries where the state doesn’t control the healthcare system. There were shortages of beds and ventilators and safety equipment. Correct testing methods and the cost of conducting the test had to be regulated. There were significant problems that were exposed during the crisis.

There has also been a cry for innovative solutions in the domain of healthcare for a better response from the healthcare department. As far as medical technology is concerned, we have come a long way by building machines and developing technology, which has helped us increase the people’s lifespan. But now we face a different issue altogether. Indian Space Research Organization has provided its satellite for public use to have proper GSM connections in rural areas. Hospitals have been able to send mobile units that have been able to contact people and help the public by diagnosing people for early symptoms of many diseases and educating the people. The current primary healthcare system in India is an ancient system sent in place in the early 1950s; hence we need to upgrade it. There can be many viable options like using artificial intelligence to streamline the system, and the public can receive the facility at the time of need in his home.

We also need to focus on producing medical devices in our country rather than importing them from outside. We have seen that the virus has caused an increased demand for ventilators. There are so many other equipment and devices which we need to keep prepared for the future if anything of similar happens again or if there is a second wave of the virus.
We have seen that tracking and testing were the essential tools used all over the world during the pandemic. Therefore start-ups started creating apps there helped monitor people and regulate quarantine measure. Governments also released apps to provide people with the latest information. These digital solutions were vital in flattening the curve worldwide. We also need to improve our IT infrastructure and place specific rules so that this information and online footprint can be used to improve the situation in India as the curve continues to rise in India. Decentralization of decision-making would help support more rapid deployment of COVID-19 containment responses.

Though most of the funding id is going for molecular research, drug discovery, and vaccine development in India and across the world, we should also look at newer start-us, which provide new ideas on how this situation can be tackled. Look at countries like New Zealand; they set up QR codes across the nation in every building that whoever enters the building is recorded and accounted for, which will improve the tracking and testing procedure. India should look to the future rather than being involved in petty politics.