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Bigtincan announces its Spring 2020 release

Bigtincan (ASX: BTH), a pioneer in AI technology which mainly drives sales enablement automation, announces its Spring 2020 release. The release consists of 45 new features and  other capabilities which supports the company’s primary commitment towards intelligent automation and sales readiness.

The pandemic proved to be disastrous for the consumers and businesses.It is very important for the companies to regain the customer trust and satisfaction says David Keane, CEO at Bigtincan. Their primary vision is to bring all the sellers under one platform,providing sales readiness,just in time content and an  automated document personalization. 

For Spring 2020, the Bigtincan focuses on adding new features and capabilities fundamental for the new remote focused economy.It includes:

– Sales Readiness Dashboard – The managers can remotely understand and coach their teams for better performance.

– News and Social Feeds – helps in delivering remote content to users based on Bigtincan’s data science models.

– Automated Content Governance – helps the world’s leading organizations manage governance over how information and content has to be delivered.

Sales Readiness Dashboard is a singular hub for managers to get an overall view of virtual selling, return-to-work readiness for the remote teams,make data-driven decisions for on-boarding, training, and coaching of individual sellers at global scale. The Dashboard uses  Bigtincan’s data models and the best-in-class algorithms.The data models are developed according to user requirements and the algorithms are developed by Contondo that trains itself from the company-specific data.

News and Social Feeds help companies exchange communications, corporate news,health and safety communications to the remote workers in 24 languages on mobile devices and computers. The internal communication feature can be used both within and outside the company to promote company news, share stories, photos, and videos, and to send important corporate communications which are  beyond the email inbox of the employees. 

The Spring Release also introduces over 45 additional updates which includes:

Out-of-the-box-Governance Models which ensures automatic update of the contents, placement, and also helps in the management with suggestive actions based on data science.
Custom-Tailored Data Models Plug-Ins, direct plug-ins to make use of the information gained using the user requirement specific machine learning algorithms.
Enhanced Search, which provides the remote workers with a faster and hassle-free experience.

Native Windows 10 Apps, provides the best experience to the Windows users.

Further addition to Bigtincan’s public SDK and API, includes over 20 new public APIs to allow next-generation Add-ons and workflows and customer SAML authentication.