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How good storage can make a big difference to your PC gaming experience

Studies suggest that while the Indian gaming Industry stood at USD 2.8 billion in 2022, it is expected to cross USD 5 billion by 2025. Also, the year 2022 registered about 420 million gamers in the country and the number is likely to grow manifold in the near future. Though a majority of Indians prefer their mobile phones for playing games, true gaming enthusiasts always find the experience more immersive and engaging in PC games. With a wider screen and better customisation options, players can also choose a wide variety of gaming accessories. Also, the compatibility of keyboards, mics and controllers with gaming PCs make them the perfect choice for those who are true game geeks.

A true gaming lover must ensure that their PC is in perfect condition to be able to seamlessly play games for endless hours. One must have the right components to build a gaming PC, that too within your budget. While an LED screen with a graphic card will ensure that you get superior HD quality visuals, you can add on accessories like gaming mouse, keyboard, mic, game controllers etc. A set of stereo speakers or headphones are also much needed.

However, we must not forget the most important aspect of gaming, i.e. storage. A gaming PC must have a minimum storage of 500 GB. It is imperative to have high storage capacity as it enables the computer to store the useful information of the game, which is important for a game to function properly. If the storage capacity is less then it will result in poor performance of the game where the frame rate starts lagging. This mars the entire experience of the user, so much so that it can frustrate the gamer into not playing for quite some time. If there is not enough space in your PC then think about upgrading the storage or opting for cloud storage to store media files. 

There are three types of storage available nowadays, namely HDDs or Hard Disk Drives, SATA SSDs or Solid-State Drives or M.2 SSD drives. Hard Disks have become a lesser preferred option for gamers as the device is controlled by magnetisation thus they are the slowest. Available upto 16TB of storage in size, they are the most affordable options. SATA SSDs are faster and use flash chips for storage of information thus requires no physical moving parts, thus being more reliable. They are also more secure from drops and knocks and can withstand extreme temperatures too. They are expensive, but for the kind of features they are value for money. On the other hand M2 SSDs are the most expensive and allow drive interface with PC through a single connection providing power as well as data.

Increasing your computer’s storage is the way forward to bring a slow computer back to life. However, deciding whether to upgrade your memory or your storage depends on the problems your computer is facing and the performance benefits you want to achieve. If you own an old PC, the first step to upgrade should be to replace the hard disk drive with SSD, providing more storage. The SSD will also impact short battery life as they require less power to operate, thus will improve the life of the battery. This simple step will also enable you to boost the speed of the device, with boot time improving to 10-13 seconds rather than 30-40 seconds with hard drive. It will also improve the time taken to load and access data. And of course, this will create more space to store and save games. 

When you are facing a significant slowdown of the laptop or computer, especially your gaming PCs, the best option would to upgrade and improve PC performance by adding more storage. Instead of buying a new computer, it can be worthwhile to look at other ways to improve and upgrade your PC performance. Just upgrading the storage is the most cost effective way to improve the performance of your PC, making your gaming experience smooth and glitch free. Sit back on that comfortable couch and enjoy your gaming experience with you revitalised PC.

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Mr. Rajesh Khurana- Country Manager- Consumer Business for BIWIN

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