February 26, 2021

HEVC adopts NEC’s Video Coding Technology

Video coding technology developed by NEC Corporation in collaboration with several partners, has been adopted in the final draft international standard for high-efficiency video coding (HEVC). HEVC is scheduled to be an international standard this coming May.


HEVC is a next-generation video coding standard that is suitable for online distribution of 4K video (*2), super high vision broadcasting (*3) and distribution of full HD video (*4) for mobile devices.

In recent years, the spread of smartphones and the launch of Long Term Evolution (LTE) services have led to an increased use of video contents via mobile communication networks.

As smartphone and tablet device displays become more precise, video contents are being released at increasingly higher resolutions. This is likely to trigger a drastic increase in the amount of video data delivered over networks, possibly causing delays or failures in distribution. As a result, there is a need to facilitate the use of video content through the development and standardization of technologies that provide high compression rates.