Letv Launches Its Super TV In U.S. On Cyber Monday, India Would Be The Next?

Letv, the China-based internet and technology giant is letv_redmaking another remarkable move in United States through launching its Le Super TV X3-55 Pro on Cyber Monday (1 December, Pacific Time), the annual online shopping festival after Thanksgiving in U.S.. This is in line with the global expansion strategy of the company, which recently announced its plan to set foot in the Indian market.

As the first flagship smart product from Letv after its launch of its ecommerce platform LeMall (LeMall.com/us) in U.S., the TV set is immediately available for online sale. Upholding the visions of groundbreaking technology, all-inclusive ecosystem and disruptive pricing strategy, the company is progressing steadfastly in expanding its businesses across the globe. Letv is ready for its entry into the Indian market with the LeMall India page landing recently. It is also reportedly planning to launch Le Super TVs which have best-in-class hardware and exceptional product design with the world’s leading TV Operating System (OS) EUI.

From 1st to 6th December, the company is offering, through limited numbers of invitation code, a very appealing price at US$479 with free delivery for the 55-inch 4K Super TV, which is originally priced at US$799 in United States. It also grants a free VIP subscription to Letv.com for one year, which will allow users access to its unlimited and excellent content. The first group of winners will be announced on 8 December through LeMall U.S. portal.

Le Super TV X3-55 Pro is equipped with quad-core ARM® Cortex® A17 CPU, which delivers premium experience with cutting-edge features. It also comes with Letv’s Super Remote Control 3.0, which is said to be the handiest and smartest remote in the market. The built-in microphone allows users to control the Super TV with their voice. Coupled with the exciting video contents, games, applications and other smart technology, the X3-55 Pro 4K TV manifests a comprehensive ecosystem that is dedicated to offering superb services and experience.

Established in 2004 as a video-streaming company, Letv has become a full-fledged listed conglomerate with a wide range of businesses including TV, mobile phone, electric vehicles, sport, music, movies and TV shows, wine distribution and so on. With the commitment to build a unique and complete ecosystem and to provide first-class experience for its users around the world, the company will surly have more to wow its audience in India.