Google Won Europe Android Search Auction

The search engines of the company, Microsoft have won a quarterly auction by Google. The results showed that in thirty-one countries, Google’s search options are available on the new Android systems.

Google has given an offer which will permit other competitors to run bidding for promoting space on android systems’ top of the search page. The offer was made in the year, 2018 after the EU fined billions to the firm for disrespecting the antitrust rules.

Google started to declare quarterly auction results from March to give or provide users with 3 providers along with the multinational company, Google. The company and the winners of the auction will be ordered arbitrarily in the choice screen on a consumer’s device.

Microsoft’s bing won the rights in thirteen countries, privacy wall won the rights in twenty-two countries whereas won in all of the thirty-one countries.


Companies that didn’t win criticized the idea by saying that it allowed these companies to exploit excessively their consumers.

Some companies also said that this led to worse decisions regarding privacy, ads will be increased and donations will be canceled for good cause.

Although Google’s spokesperson has said that the company’s main aim is to provide all search providers with equal opportunity to bid and not to give some competitors special treatment.

She also said that users are carefully balanced with a greater number of choices and in the meantime, the company also ensures that they can continue investing in emerging and maintaining the open-source of the Android platform for a long time.