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Google Introduced Newly Designed Smart Speaker

Google on 29th September pitched an idea of a new smart speaker named Nest Audio and it will be introduced alongside the company’s phone, Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5, Chromecast with Google TV products as well. There is an update to the unique home of Google, the speaker arrives with acoustic advancements for a better listening experience, other than a slim design. It brings some of the Assistant features which were introduced the previous year. The design has the same maintainable fabric design which uses around 70% of recycled plastic.

Google Nest Audio
The new design is priced at 100 dollars (approx.). Regrettably, in India, the prices have not been yet revealed, even though India is amongst those countries who are under 1st wave of launch nations. The company is planning on making google nest audio to go on sale in 3 countries, the United States, India, and Canada. The sale will start on 5th October and the rest twenty-one countries from 15th October. As per Google, In India, the product will be available through Flipkart and other known websites.

The speaker is proclaimed to come in 5 different color variants. Also at the same virtual launch event, Google Introduced Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 mobiles, besides the modern Chromecast with Google TV streaming dongle.


Image from Google

The new speaker will be 75% louder and will produce a 50% stronger bass than the previous Google Home. Google said that it spent over five-hundred hours of making the sound complete, pure, and natural. The company even optimized the grille, fabric, and materials of the new audio device for more defined acoustics.

It too has a woofer of 75mm, a tweeter of 19mm, a far-field microphones of 3 quantities, a mic mute switch of 2-stage (for privacy concerns), a v5.0 of Bluetooth, and a dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11ac connectivity. It also features 3 touch areas of touch controls; the new audio device comes with a Chromecast built-in for streaming purposes.

As for the new features, the multinational company is advertising another feature that can adjust automatically; the audio profile is based on the kind of content that is consumed. There is also another feature that can adjust volume as per noisiness. Additional features comprise of transfer of streams from one google Home or Nest speaker to another home or audio/nest speaker, therefore providing control on multi-rooms.