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Telegram to Bring New Updates

Telegram has launched a new set feature, comprising of Search Filters, Unidentified Assemblage Admins, Channel Comments, and many more in its latest update. The former will let the users find memes on the app’s Cloud. The unidentified Admins will keep the name and identity of the user concealed in the list of members. The users only have to permit the Batman mode to post as an unidentified admin in a group. The last feature will keep the discussion in a group more polished.


Image from Telegram


Search Filters
As posted by the company, users will instantly be able to find media, links, files, and other necessary items with the latest Search Filters. If you take an example of a user finding a picture that was clicked a year ago, all they have to do is; they have to type the date and the app will return the results consequently. In addition to it, as per the company, you can also type the name of any person or group or channel and the robot will add the filter by source. It will too allow users to search a message with a link which was sent in 2018’s August, and the app will return the results.

Unidentified Group Admins
To keep admins of groups that are used to disseminate sensitive information. The app is increasingly able to organize protests for nation-related matters and now with new changes, there is going to be another tool for organizing safer protests. It will keep the admin’s name hidden by enabling the Batman mode from the members of the group in the list.

Channel Comments
At last, the app has added another feature i.e. a comment button which will help the users to posts on channels with discussion groups. The comments will be shown in a thread of their own and also in the discussion group. The goal is to keep everyone in the circle and make things easier for admins to keep the conversation polite and humble. If a person is not a part of the channel’s discussion group, that person will be notified about the replies on their comments through “Replies”. If users want to enable the discussions in their channels, they will have to head straight to the Channel Settings and then to the Discussions panel.

Other features
Other than previously mentioned, the application has too added more features such as the latest smooth animations. Users can further expand or hide the keyboard. They can also switch between day and night themes for their display screens, see animated pop-ups while they are deleting their messages, notifications changing, save media, amid other changes.

Besides, users who use multiple accounts in one application can straightaway preview the chat lists of their both accounts by using the account switcher. The app makers have said that there is also a way to animate each emoji.