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Google previewed a significant app update for Android Auto users

While Spotify and YouTube Music are currently the primary options for Android Auto music streaming services, Amazon Music still has a sizable user base. And regrettably, just like everyone else, Amazon Music users have a number of difficulties when using Android Auto. The newest one is about the playlists they ought to typically see on the app.

Users who have previously made their own playlists in Amazon Music on their mobile devices claim that when they activate the app on Android Auto, all they see is a list of playlists that Amazon has personally selected for them. In other words, even if they may still access their playlists when they unplug their mobile device from the head unit, they have somehow lost them.

Although the exact cause of the problem is unknown, it appears that a patch is already in the works. The problem’s root cause has been identified by Amazon, according to a recent message from a Google Community Specialist, and a complete patch is expected to be online soon.

It turns out that Amazon is preparing to release a significant update for the Android Auto experience in Amazon Music, and as part of this revision, a whole new Library tab will be introduced to make it simpler to access the playlists built on the mobile device. This indicates that rather than simply releasing a fix, Amazon intends to release an entirely new version of the app that will fundamentally alter how we use it. And the issue with playlists on Android Auto will also be fixed with this new version.

It’s likely that the new feature Google Community Specialists hinted at would get Amazon Music ready for the Coolwalk revamp of Android Auto. However, Coolwalk is still in the beta stage right now, giving developers time to prepare for the significant launch early next year.

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