Google Now Launcher Available In Google Play

google_now_launcher_for_android_play_storeThe world’s largest search engine, Google has reportedly launched the Google Now Launcher in the Google Play Store. The launcher, which was earlier called as Google Experience Launcher was only available to the Nexus 5. The launcher can now be installed on all Android KitKat powered Nexus and Google Play edition devices.

The Google Now Launcher comes with a dedicated home-screen for Google Now on the left and the users can trigger automatic voice-search / actions, by calling out “Ok Google” when on home-screen. The “Ok Google” is currently supported in US English, UK English and Canadian English.

The full feature list of Google Now Launcher includes Google Now on home screen, “Ok Google” ‘hotword’ support, Faster search, Larger viewing area and Intuitive wallpaper picker. The Google Now launcher has aspects like the right information at just the right time, Assistance around the clock, Relevant suggestions, You’re in control, and many more.

It supports weather reports, road and traffic route, or even checking your favourite team’s score while they’re playing. It works in the background the information is automatically organised into simple cards. Google claims that the Google Now works the way you want, as it brings customised, and relevant information. The user can control the settings that determine the information Google Now provides.

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