Google Messages is set to introduce three new features

The built-in Android messaging app is not very well known. Google, however, is making every effort to make it the finest app to use. The company is developing this software and plans to add some fresh, fashionable features. Some social chat apps and Google Messages share functionality. But it seems like this app has trouble attracting new users. Recently, the business tried out a #GetTheMessage campaign. This campaign aims to promote both RCS support and a new icon upgrade. Remember that RCS is not supported by iMessage. Google is attempting to take advantage of this opportunity. However, Google was not satisfied with the results of this campaign. The business is now working to add some modern features to Google Messages.

Full Emoji Reactions – Google Messages is reportedly testing “response with an emoji” right now, according to recent sources. On major messaging apps like WhatsApp, Slack, and others, this is already a popular feature. Users will be able to quickly reply to a message with any emoji of their choice thanks to this capability. Well, Google Messages already has this feature available. There is a limitation, too, since users can only reply with seven emojis. The business is currently working to enhance this capability to include all of the system’s emojis.

Emojis can be used to respond to messages in Google Messages as of 2020. But just allowing seven emojis prevented it from receiving widespread attention. There hasn’t been an upgrade to this functionality since then. Only the “translation” of iMessage reactions was added. It is now simpler to text pals who have iPhones thanks to this.

Emojis can be used to respond in practically all chat apps. Simply tap and hold the message in the app to read it. Emojis will be listed when you do this. Then scroll through the options and pick the emoji of your choice. Your response will be indicated by the emoji, which will appear in a section or corner of the message. Users may also contribute new emojis that are not already included in the list. Google is expanding the feature with this new selection.

You can view how other people responded to an emoji when you locate a message with one. The names of the users who reacted with the emoji will appear when you tap the emoji in the message. This occurs when there are many messages. But if it’s a personal communication, you can be sure that the person who received it didn’t merely ignore you. The final reaction from the recipient is indicated by the emoji.

RCS communication now seems to be more lively thanks to this new emoji reaction. The most recent beta of Google Messages already has this capability. It’s crucial to remember that this feature is still being developed. According to 9to5Google, the thumbs-down emoji has been replaced in the beta with “add emoji”.

The complete list of emojis that are compatible with your Android device will show up when you hit the button. Then, you can respond with any emoji. The fact that this update already functions for users who are not beta testers is a plus. So, if you frequently use Google Messages, don’t be shocked if you encounter an odd emoji response. Simply be aware that the sender is a beta tester.

Voice Message Transcripts – Google Messages currently allows users to send and receive voice memos. Whether the chat is sent by RCS, SMS, or MMS has no bearing on this. This implies that just about everyone can send and receive a voice memo. However, voice notes like this might not always be the most effective method to communicate. Voice memos are rarely used for some reason. One cause is that words are frequently difficult to hear owing to audio compression. Additionally, the receiver might not be able to hear the voice message if they are in a noisy environment.

The updated voicemail transcript will be useful in these circumstances. This function will make it easier to translate voice memos into text. Users will be able to select from a variety of options. By selecting the “Transcribe” button, you can either choose to automatically translate all incoming voice memos or manually translate them. The feature was activated by 9to5google specialists, but it doesn’t appear to be rolling out anytime in the foreseeable future.

The experts assert that the transcripts are generally accurate. However, Google Assistant voice typing on the Pixel 6 is far faster. Pressing “Transcribe” on a 13-second recording causes a noticeable delay.

The experts said “Transcripts can help when voice message audio isn’t clear or listening isn’t an option. Voice messages are transcribed only on your device and the transcript contents aren’t sent to Google. Manage anytime in settings”.

Upgraded Gallery View – A fresh design for the photo gallery will be Google Messages’ third addition. Users can scroll vertically across photographs in the new look. Due to the present design’s restriction to horizontal scrolling, this is not possible.

Users have more room on the display thanks to the vertical design, which also offers a fluid user interface. A few button tweaks have also been made. The previous “Gallery” button has been replaced with a new option for “Folders”. According to 9t05google specialists, this new design works well with Material You.

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