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Samsung Plans to Expand Its Pricing for Foldable Smartphones

Samsung is planning to expand the range of the prices of foldable smartphones. It has revealed this in its conference call for the quarter and has added that the company is going to continue to reinforce its portfolio in the foldable category in the year, 2021. Since the company’s recently accessible foldable smartphones are priced at a premium, a broader range in prices for future foldable phones can make them more cost-friendly.

The company has said that though foldable smartphones account for very little in total sales of the smartphone, it will continue to cultivate the category each year.


Image from Samsung


Samsung has also disclosed that it is thinking that sales and profitability both to drop in the 4th quarter of 2020, due to exaggerated rivalry for 2020’s end sales. The company’s operating profits were allegedly the highest in 2 years nevertheless, and sales were its maximum ever for a quarter.

Meanwhile, as per a recent report, the company’s forthcoming foldable phone will arrive with an S Pen. The report has said that the company has registered a patent for the same in April, and explains the company’s plans of making future foldable phones well-suited with the S Pen.

The Samsung W21 5G foldable smartphone will be presented in China on 4th November as per a tipster. It is possible to be very much alike to the Galaxy Z Fold 2, which was presented in China previously however it is tied with China Telecom carrier for 5G connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy Fold which is starting at INR 119,090 was presented in 2019’s February. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 in the meantime was introduced in September and is presently available at INR approx. 1,50,000.

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