Google Camera Update 8.1

Google Camera is being updated to version 8.1 and this has brought a lot of features that were originally limited to the Pixel 5, and older Pixel smartphones. The former version of the Google Camera app, 8.0, was in contrast limited to only Pixel 5. This update has brought some features such as Audio Zoom and Cinematic Pan to the older smartphones along with the latest UI.

The Google Camera 8.1 is now accessible to the older Pixel users, is renovated with the latest UI. In the updated version, numerous features are re-organized and features such as Audio Zoom, which lessens the background noise, are added along with other zoom shortcuts.


Image from Google


The Cinematic Pan video recording feature is an image stabilization feature used for smooth panning shots, has further been added, however, this feature will be just accessible for Pixel 4 and 4XL.

Google Camera 8.1 has started to release through the Google Play Store but Google Camera’s Play Store listing does not as of now displayed the updated application. This will probably be a staged release that will happen in phases so it may take some time before every user receives the latest version of the Google Camera application.

The report further stated that few of the users tried sideloading the updated version of the application but it has resulted in error messages which were related to verification, so Pixel users will have to be calm to get the up-to-date camera features.