Apple iPad & AirPods 3 to Launch

Apple can introduce its 1st iPads with Mini-LED display also the AirPods 3 TWS earphones in 2021’s 1st half, as per an analyst from TFI Securities. The research note to investors emphasizes OEM Career Technology, which the analyst suggested that will be an important supply chain partner of Apple for the forthcoming product cycle. The latest iPads and AirPods 3 are desired to go into mass production at the starting of a2021 and can be launched in 2021’s 1st half.

The report has stated that Career Technology will get orders for specific components related to the manufacture of a Mini-LED iPad that will go into mass production in 2021’s 1st half. This could mean that the launch of the latest iPad could be in 2021’s 1st half itself; a March or April launch will not be hard to imagine.


Image from Apple


Mini-LED is the latest display technology that provides several advantages of OLED, by using many individual LEDs to create the picture in the same way as OLED displays. However, every individual pixel isn’t self-sufficiently measured, the technology functions in the same way, and is said to be less classy to production too. Apple is desired to push Mini-LED display technology for several of its forthcoming products starting with the iPad range at the beginning of 2021.

The latest TWS earphones will have a dissimilar design to the Apple AirPods 2, with substitutable ear tips and a petite stem, just like on the AirPods Pro. Although, the key distinguishing factor here will be the absence of premium features like ANC, which will handle the AirPods Pro as the flagship product in the company’s TWS audio range.

Career Technology is wished to get component orders for the AirPods 3 in addition to the Mini-LED iPads, and will further likely benefit from any probable adoption of Mini-LED displays on the upcoming iPhones too. The analyst’s predictions point towards Mini-LED displays being accepted heavily by the company in the year 2021, and he has frequently been right with his exploration and forecasts.