GIGABYTE intends to significantly strengthen and widen its market base in the gaming motherboard category – Mr.Sunil Grewal, Director,GIGABYTE Technology (India)

Sunil Grewal, Director, GIGABYTE Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd.

in an exclusive interview with ITVoice, Mr.Sunil Grewal, Director,GIGABYTE Technology (India), reveals his strategies forbusiness in India.

Sunil Grewal, Director, GIGABYTE Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Sunil Grewal, Director, GIGABYTE Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Vikas Gupta:- What is your vision on Gigabyte for the next two years?

Mr. Sunil Grewal:- The DiY (Do it Yourself) PC market is showing stability, especially in the non-metro cities, and towns across the country.

There are several user segments that showing encouraging signs for the DiY PC market. Like the gaming, graphics / animation, film and TV production house, educational segments. We have got products with exciting and innovative products that can boost their PC performance, and also exceed their expectations. We would like to omnipresent in all such promising segments and markets n the coming years.

The present government’s stress on computerisation across the regional and social strata is slowly but surely showing its positive effect on the PC and components market.

Vikas Gupta:- What are some of the challenges that lie ahead in front of the IT hardware sector today?

Mr. Sunil Grewal:- For the PC components business, the biggest challenge is the availability of refurbished PC components which usually results in delaying the process of shifting to next generation CPUs. This also makes the quality of components more vulnerable.

To face with this challenge, we focus our sales and marketing initiatives around our extensive range of good performance products, and also ensure that these are available at the best performance / price ratio.

Vikas Gupta:- What is Gigabyte India’s roadmap for 2016?

Mr. Sunil Grewal:- For 2016, GIGABYTE has begun enhanced and focused sales and marketing initiatives targeting specific high-growth market segments and categories in the broader PC market.

GIGABYTE intends to significantly strengthen and widen its market base in the gaming motherboard category. A major chunk of its marketing initiatives will be focused on the gaming segment, targeting gamers in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

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GIGABYTE has increased its marketing activities and focus on the consumer / end-user segments that demand high-performance desktop PCs. This is to tap the increasing demand for such high-end motherboards from user categories like graphic and animation studios, film and TV production houses, educational institutions, and professional gamers, among others.

Focus is also on the GIGABYTE BRIX, the ultra-compact and versatile DIY barebone PC. Right since its India launch last year, the BRIX from GIGABYTE has witnessed impressive sales across all regions – thanks to the growing demand from organizations requiring point of sale (POS) terminals, banks, educational institutions, hospitals, multimedia production houses, gamers, and shopping malls, among others.  Also, the encouraging sales can be attributed to the growing popularity of the HTPCs (Home Theatre Personal Computer) concept among home users across the country.  

GIGABYTE is further augmenting its post-sales network across the country by adding to its existing number of Authorized Collection Centres (ACCs) and Special Service Providers (SSPs).  While ACCs are basically GIGABYTE partners, SSP centres are manned by GIGABYTE service personnel who directly interact with end-users.

Vikas Gupta:- How important is the channel community for Gigabyte in India as well as globally?

Mr. Sunil Grewal:- Well, all our fundamental sales policies and also, business practices, revolve around channel partners, as we are a channel-oriented company.

Our channel policies include regular and attractive incentive schemes; ensuring utmost Channel Profitability under any circumstances; prompt and efficient after-sales services; regular SI meets to share technology knowledge; loyalty programs for partners that also include special holiday tours. For example, as part of the GIGABYTE Annual Partner Tour / Meet 2015 program, we had taken our partners as our guest, to New Zealand, Australia and Singapore.

But above, GIGABYTE offers products with the most innovative technologies and features – which are second to none. We also ensure that these are available at the best performance / price ratio. We would like our partners to transform themselves from being box-pushers to solutions providers – and offer all the support possible from our side thereof.

All these because we appreciate and understand the fact that we are where we are because of the trust reposed on us by our partners and of course, because of their ample commitment towards the GIGABYTE brand.

Vikas Gupta:- What are some of the most popular products for GIGABYTE in India?         

Mr. Sunil Grewal:- We have the widest range of motherboards covering supporting a number of varied chipsets, and user segments – whether it’s for the entry-level, mid-range, or high-end PC user categories.  We are the leading brand in all the said categories, so it’s quite difficult to pinpoint the exact model name for each.

We have also received a very positive market response for the GIGABYTE BRIX, our ultra-compact and versatile DIY PC kit.