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Genius KB-M205 Multimedia Keyboard with Six Hot Keys

Taipei, Taiwan – 24th January 2013 – Taiwan –based Genius is an international leading company in computer peripherals presents a new generation of multimedia keyboard, experience the Genius desktop keyboard KB-M205, the low profile keycap structure provides maximum typing comfort and a quiet typing experience. There are six keys for media control and Internet access, giving you one touch controls to access music, volume and the internet so you can accomplish tasks faster. In addition, a spill resistant design protects the keyboard from accidental spills.

KB-SlimStar 120 ¬õ¥Õ²°³]­p(¬õª©)°Â3D

The KB – M205 classic black and red finish provides a sleek, eye catching design with durability to match and it is expected to be the most popular multimedia keyboard this year


Key Features

             Simple style and low profile keycap for quiet typing

             6 Hot keys for easy control of your favorite music and videos

             Spill resistant design


The Genius Mini LuxePad is available at the price of USD 12.9.

A warranty of 3years.







  1. A U.S. trade panel gave final approval on Wednesday to anti-dumping duties on hundreds of millions of dollars of residential washing machines from Mexico and South Korea in a case brought by American manufacturer Whirlpool (WHR.N).The U.S. International Trade Commission voted 6-0 that the century-old U.S. manufacturer had been materially harmed, or at least was threatened with m [url=http://www.doudounefrancemoncler.com/]moncler doudoune[/url] aterial injury, by the imports.The action clears the way for the Commerce Department to issue five-year duty orders on imports manufactured by Samsung SAGR.UL, LG Electronics (066570.KS) and other suppliers.For Whirlpool, the decision is far better than the result in another case it brought against refrigerator imports from Mexico and South Korea. In that case, the commission voted last year to block duties set by the Commerce Department.Marc Bitzer, president of Whirlpool North America, called the decision “a great victory for the U.S. appliance industry, especially for our employees and consumers.””We expect this ruling will restore a level competitive playing field that enables Whirlpool and other U.S. manufacturers to continue investing in America to produce the high-quality, innovative products that consumers deserve,” Bitzer said.Samsung said it was disappointed with the decision and warned it could “reduce the full [url=http://www.doudounefrancemoncler.com/]doudoune moncler[/url] range of choice in premium washers for some American consumers.”The United States imported $434 million worth of washers from Mexico in 2011 and $568 million from South Korea.The Commerce Department announced last month that its investigation found Mexican manufacturers were “dumping” the washers in the United States at prices 36 percent to 72 percent below fair market value and it set duties accordingly.It said South Korean producers were undercutting prices by around 9 percent to 82 percent.The department also set countervailing duties of 0.01 percent to 72 percent on the South Korean washers to offset gove [url=http://www.doudounefrancemoncler.com/]moncler[/url] rnment subsidies it found in its investigation.South Korean producers Daewoo DEWOO.UL, LG and Samsung were found to be dumping at prices about 82 percent, 13 percent, and 9 percent, respectively, below fair market value.Daewoo, which the Commerce Department said failed to cooperate in the investigation, was also hit with a 72 percent countervailing duty, while the two other companies received rates of below 2 percent.Mexican producers Electrolux (ELUXb.ST), Samsung Electronics Mexico and Whirlpool International received final anti-dumping duties of 37 percent, 72 percent and 72 percent, respectively.Whirlpool has previously said that it had stopped shipping washers from Mexico for sale in the United States and therefore would not have to pay any duties.(Reporting by Doug Palmer; Editing by Mohammad Zargham and Will Dunham)

  2. It has been over a decade since the market has faced an unscheduled shut down due to a major disaster. The destruction left in the wake of Hurricane Sandy has yet to be fully calculated, but will easily be considered one of the worst Americans have ever seen. As Wall Street returns from the two-day disruption, there will certainly be some early jitters that traders and investors will have to get through as the market catches up with the news, both in the U.S. and globally.We asked Toni Turner of for her thoughts on watching the market after Hurricane Sandy, and where she s looking to get a pulse on what traders and investors are thinking.EQ: The market shut down on Monday and Tuesday because of Hurricane Sandy. What has been the impact of the shutdown so far that you have noticed?Turner: I鈥檓 from Florida, and I鈥檝e been through a lot of hurricanes, and certainly the worst ones deliver far more devastating results than we can imagine ahead of time. That鈥檚 just in terms of the destruction to the landscape and to our physical surroundings. When something like this happens, the longer the market is closed and the more global events take place, the more the market has to absorb once it opens up. Once again, I noticed on Tuesday that the euro/dollar futures were down, perhaps because of talks on the possible breakup in Spain.EQ: With so many critical developments going on with the market, in terms of earnings, the election, and so on, does disruption to normal trading add more uncertainty and volatility for investors and traders?Turner: This brought back memories of when the market re-opened after 9/11. Of course, this is an entirely different situation, but what we did back when the market opened, we didn鈥檛 sell our positions. We simply maintained the stops we had in place. then was we knew where [url=http://www.saclouisvuittono.com/]louis vuitton bags[/url] our stops were on each position.The important thing to do, of course, is to not become fearful and to not become panicky because that never leads to good results. So I suggest that people know where their stops are in these situations.Obviously, money has been coming out of this market since the end of September. All we have to do is look at the chart of the S P 500 to see that outflows have taken place. it has happened. I, myself, am mostly in cash and I鈥檓 glad I am. However, the last thing to do is to panic. You just need to know where your stops are, and typically when the market gaps down, many times it will reverse and start up for at least a short period of time.EQ: We鈥檝e seen from major hurricanes in recent years, certain areas of the market are more affected than others. Do you plan to make any moves based on Hurricane Sandy?Turner: I鈥檝e been watching the United States Gasoline (), and that鈥檚 taken quite a dive lately. I鈥檓 watching that to see if there was any potential for a long play there, and it鈥檚 already started up a little bit. Another that I鈥檓 watching is the United States Oil ().Many times, home improvement stocks like Lowe鈥檚 Co. () and Home Depot () will get a pop during a hurricane because people will have to repair their homes once the storms are over. These plays can be short lived though, and this storm was anticipated, so there has already been some play in these and stocks along those lines. I don鈥檛 usually play insurance stocks, and sometimes they surprise me by the way they move act durin [url=http://www.saclouisvuittono.com/]louis vuitton[/url] g these storms, so I鈥檒l leave that up to someone else.EQ: Are there any other groups that you re watching right now?Turner: I鈥檓 still watching Health Care Select Sector SPDR (), which has pulled back here. I鈥檓 keeping an eye on it to see if it can stay above the 50-day moving average. I鈥檓 also watching the PowerShares DWA Emerging Markets Technical Leaders () for a potentially longer-term trade, but I鈥檓 not necessarily in t [url=http://www.saclouisvuittono.com/]sac louis vuitton[/url] he a buying mood right now. I prefer to stay mostly in cash until the election is over.


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  4. Macomb Township聮s Jenny Risher laughs when she looks back to the beginning of 聯Heart Soul Detroit: Conversations on the Motor City,聰 her nearly three-years-in-the making book featuring intimate photo portraits of 51 local icons, including Berry Gordy, Jr., Lily Tomlin, Barry Sanders and Eminem. The book also contains text in which the native metro Detroiters share their thoughts on the city. 聯No matter where you are in the world, there is this something special about being a Detroiter, a connection we share with each other,聰 says Risher, 38, a freelance fashion photographer who returned home to Michigan in November after working in New York City for 15 years.Risher says the seeds for 聯Heart Soul聰 were planted while she and fashion model Veronica Webb, a Detroit native, were talking a few years ago about well-known people who started their lives in the Motor City. 聯It was bugging me. For months, I just kept thinking about that conversation, that idea,聰 Risher says. 聯I decided I needed to bounce it off her again. She聮s been around the world; she聮s seen it all. I figured if she approves, it must be a good idea.聰Webb did approve. And Risher started working on putting together her list of potential subjects.聯I did this when I lived in New York, so I thought: 聭Would people off the streets of New York know them? Would my mom know them?聮 聰 she says. 聯And then I thought, 聭If you were to host a party, who would you want there?聮 聰Risher came up with a wish list of 100 Detroiters and decided to initially ask five of them whether they聮d be willing to participate in her book project. If they turned her down, she told herself, she聮d abandon the project.No one said no. Fashion-design superstar John Varvatos signed on, and so did everyone else. Risher says stories like Varvatos聮 helped drive the project. She was curious to learn more about how the Allen Park native became a global fashion icon. No book on Detroit would be complete, of course, without Motown founder Gordy, she says. 聯He was so nice, so sweet and so charismatic,聰 she says. 聯But he knew I was also intimidated. So he said: 聭If it聮s a failure, it聮s your fault. And if this is a success, it聮s your achievement.聮 聯It ended up being a very easy photo shoot and incredible experience. We had a lot of fun.聰Risher says that after interviewing and photographing 71 people, she settled on 51 for inclusion in her book, which will be available in mid-February. Risher asked all of them to add their signatures and a special message to their portraits.聯They all really love Detroit,聰 she says. For more information, go to .com.


  5. Being engaged in combat is the norm. Peace is not really peace it’s just a term we use for that brief interval between invasions.Obama has a chance to break that pattern, and in his address, he gave hints he might like to. “We, the people, still believe that enduring security and lasting peace do not require perpetual war,” he said. “We will show the courage to try and resolve our differences with other nations peacefully.”Hawks regard those as fighting words. The editors of National Review insisted that “it is clear neither that a decade of war is now ending not in Iraq or Afghanistan, to say nothing of Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, or Mali nor that the final settlements in Iraq or Afghanistan will secure U.S. security interests.” Columnist Bret Stephens of The Wall Street Journal likened Obama to George McGovern and Jimmy Carter.The idea that Obama would avoid a fight in Syria and Mali probably doesn’t alarm the average American, but it shocks the foreign policy establishment and not just the Republicans. Shadi Hamid of the liberal Brookings Institution criticized the administration last year for giving foreigners the idea “that Obama is a weak president.”To die-hard hawks, restraint is appeasement. Many conservatives think the United States has the resources and the responsibility to go to war any time something unwelcome happens abroad.Obama takes a different view. He completed the Iraq withdrawal and set a deadline to leave Afghanistan. His only significant intervention using air power in Libya was brief, limited and low-risk (though constitutionally dubious).One predecessor his advisers cite is Dwight Eisenhower, who ended the Korean War in his first term and mostly shunned military action in his second. “The appeal of the Eisenhower approach is that it had a big element of turning inward, of looking to rebuilding strength at home, of conserving American power,” a senior national security adviser told The New York Times.Conservation of power makes a lot of sense after that decade of war, whose costs run into the trillions of dollars, not to mention more than 6,600 American lives. Obama has also come to appreciate the limits of U.S. might.When urged to intervene in Syria, according to a disapproving report in The Economist magazine, the president’s “response is to ask for evidence that such interventions would make things better, rather than satisfy the urge to ‘do something’ at the risk of escalating the conflict. His second response is to [url=http://www.loveslouisvuitton.com/]sac louis vuitton[/url] ask for the price tag.” Questions like those usually yield sobering answers.It may turn out that Obama’s real change is not in refusing to use military power but in using a different means namely, drones. Connoisseurs of irony noted that just hours before he procl [url=http://www.loveslouisvuitton.com/]sac louis vuitton[/url] aimed the end of our wars, U.S. missiles hit targets in Yemen. But the use of drones falls well short of traditional wars in cost, risk, bloodshed and ease of extrication.The bigger danger is that he will launch a pre-emptive strike against Iran, which could lea [url=http://www.loveslouisvuitton.com/]louis vuitton[/url] d to a wider war with unpredictable consequences. And though hawks doubt him, he is committed to doing just that if Iran proceeds toward building nuclear weapons.Obama will deserve credit if he ends the U.S. war in Afghanistan as he did the U.S. war in Iraq. But it’s just as important to avoid plunging into another one, and on that prospect, it’s hard to be optimistic. Addiction to war is like addiction to anything else: The addict always wants more. is a member of the Tribune’s editorial board and blogs at chicagotribune.com/chapman. Twitter @SteveChapman13


  6. M谩s de 100 balseros cubanos han llegado a Honduras
    Tegucigalpa, Honduras M谩s de 100 balseros cubanos con intenci贸n de seguir a Estados Unidos han llegado hasta las costas de Honduras [url=http://www.loveslouisvuitton.com/]louis vuitton[/url] en el 煤ltimo mes, inform贸 el martes el Director del Departamento de Migraciones de Honduras, Venancio Cervantes.
    “Nosotros los registramos una vez que llegan y buscamos donde ubicarlos y les facilitamos un permiso para que regulen su estad铆a aqu铆 y ellos buscan la manera de hacerse con un fondo trabajando para seguir viaje”, dijo Cervantes a The Associated Press.
    “Los cubanos no piden asilo pol铆tico. Generalmente no se regularizan en Honduras”, agreg贸. Dijo que luego van hacia al norte ilegalmente “a trav茅s de alg煤n punto ciego en la frontera y no volvemos a tener control de ellos”, indic贸.
    “Sabemos que hay gente que los maneja”, explic贸.
    “Aparecen en alta mar, los agarran los [url=http://www.loveslouisvuitton.com/]louis vuitton handbags[/url] pescadores y dicen que los encuentran en lanchas y sin medidas de seguridad y los traen a tierra; pero nosotros creemos que los traen directamente de barco en barco porque vienen en buen estado, viendo sus condiciones”, inform贸 Cervantes.
    “No llegan ni quemados, ni expuestos al sol, ni sedientos, ni siquiera sudados, vi [url=http://www.loveslouisvuitton.com/]sac louis vuitton[/url] enen sanos. No parece que vengan de una traves铆a de 20 d铆as como dicen”, adujo.
    En estos momentos al menos 25 balseros cubanos est谩n alojados en las instalaciones de los bomberos de La Ceiba, en la costa caribe del pa铆s.


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  8. Confident that young people learn best by example, Wallace Kennedy persuaded professional artists, actors and musicians to mentor Minneapolis high school students in a 1970s program that became a national model for arts education. At the program’s peak, hundre [url=http://www.saclouisvuittono.com/]louis [url=http://www.saclouisvuittono.com/]sac louis vuitton[/url] vuitton portefeuile[/url] ds of kids spent part of the school day performing at Minnesota Dance Theatre or Children’s Theatre or in programs run by the likes of the Minnesota Orchestra, Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.Some went on to professional careers in the arts. With support from [url=http://www.saclouisvuittono.com/]louis vuitton[/url] the federal Department of Education, Urban Arts was later replicated by dozens of schools across the country from the Bronx to Chicago to Seattle.Kennedy died Jan. 10 at his home in Richfield of myelofibrosis, a bone marrow disorder. He was 84. In recent weeks Kennedy was overwhelmed with letters and notes from former students, colleagues and artists whose lives he touched. I’m very moved by the wide web of people who knew and were so deeply influenced by him, said his son John, a composer and conductor based in Berkeley, Calif. I’ve known intuitively about his generosity and the integrity with which he did his work, but he very quietly helped a lot of people to see their potential and gave them confidence in themselves. Kennedy’s influence on Minnesota education spanned more than 40 years, starting with a humanities program that he and two colleagues launched at Albert Lea High School in 1957 and continuing into the 1990s, when he helped develop the first curriculum for Minnesota’s arts high school, the Perpich Center for Arts Education in Golden Valley. The Albert Lea program — considered the nation’s first public school humanities course — was a two-year, team-taught curriculum that wove philosophy, art, music and architecture into courses in American and European history and literature. Everything was taught from original source material rather than textbooks, and field trips took kids to lectures, theater performances and museums in the Twin Cities and elsewhere. It provided a model of humanities education throughout Minnesota, said Nick Cords, a co-founder of the course.Growing up in North Dakota, Kennedy adopted a lifelong attitude inspired by the name of his hometown, Cando, pronounced Can Do. After graduating from high school in 1946, he spent two years in the Navy and then entered the University of North Dakota intending to become a doctor. He soon switched to theater after winning a role as a gangster, no doubt typecast by his brooding eyes and rumbling voice. He also fell in love with fellow cast member Joyce Logeland, who became his wife of 62 years. The couple transferred to the University of Wisconsin, where Kennedy earned a B.A. in English in 1952, followed by a B.S. in education from Mankato State University in 1953.After teaching stints in Delavan, Minn., and Forest Lake, Kennedy taught for a decade in Albert Lea and then moved to the Bloomington district. There he won a State Arts Board grant — the first to a high school — for a sculptor and composer in residence. He ran Minneapolis’ Urban Arts program from 1970-78 and then spent five years with the U.S. Department of Education, advising Urban Arts programs around the country. He taught at the Perpich Center until his retirement in 1993. Besides his son, he is survived by his wife, Joyce, and daughters Ellen Michel of Bloomington, Ind., and Katherine Lepani of Canberra, Australia, and their families. A memorial will be held at 1 p.m. Feb. 16 at Plymouth Church, 1900 Nicollet Av., Minneapolis. Mary Abbe 612-673-4431


  9. President Barack Obama said White is not someone to be messed with. “One former SEC chairman said, ‘Mary Jo does not intimidate easily,’ and that’s important, because she has a big job ahead of her,” Obama said during a press conference at the White House. Obama warned that the administration will keep Wall Street and banks on a tight leash, continuing the message of a strong liberal agenda he laid out during his inau [url=http://www.loveslouisvuitton.com/]louis vuitton bags[/url] gural address on Monday. White does bring balance to the position, having spent her recent years in private practice representing some major players in the financial crisis, including former Bank of America Corp Chief Executive Ken Lewis. The pick drew praise from both Wall Street and reform advocates, who say White would ably steer the powerful agency that plays a key role in overseeing U.S. financial markets. Obama also renominated Richard Cordray to continue as head of the Consumer Financial Protectio [url=ttp://www.loveslouisvuitton.com]http://www.loveslouisvuitton.com[/url]n Bureau, the U.S. watchdog for consumer products such as mortgages and student loans. New York’s Charles Schumer, a Democrat who is part of the Senate leadership and sits on the powerful Senate Banking Committee, praised White’s reputation as a tough-as-nails prosecutor and predicted she will “easily be confirmed.” Several Senate Republicans on Thursday also reacted positively to White’s appointment, saying they hope she will work hard to protect investors from fraudsters. “Having an SEC chairman with extensive prosecutorial experience can be a good thing,” said Iowa Republican Senator Charles Grassley. A swift confirmation for White could help the SEC speed up its implementation of the dozens of unfinished rules required by the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall [url=http://www.loveslouisvuitton.com/]louis vuitton[/url] Street reform law. White would succeed current SEC Chairman Elisse Walter, a Democratic commissioner who took over in December after predecessor Mary Schapiro stepped down. Schapiro’s departure left the SEC divided between two Democrats and two Republicans. Observers said the split could make it nearly impossible to complete controversial rules, such as the Volcker Rule, which bans banks from proprietary trading. HIGH-PROFILE CASES White, now a respected white-collar defense attorney with the law firm Debevoise and Plimpton, was the only woman in the 200-year history of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York to serve in the top spot there. She was in office from 1993 through 2002, during a tumultuous time that included the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and the infamous September 11 attacks of 2001. Under her watch, the U.S. Attorney’s office won about 35 convictions of militant Muslims charged with plotting against Americans. She also helped successfully prosecute mob boss John Gotti, Sr. “As a young girl, Mary Jo was a big fan of the Hardy Boys … As an adult, she has built a career the Hardy Boys could only dream of,” Obama said on Thursday.


  10. Canada-Mexico Guest Worker Program Touted as Model for U.S. To Replicate
    As the country’s leaders gear up once again to overhaul the immigration system, a heated debate is expected on the creation of a guest worker program allowing future temporary immigrants to come legally.

    Politicians will take up various versions. Some say all they need to do is look north for an ideal model.

    Canada has had a guest worker program with Mexico since 1974. Though it鈥檚 not without critics, it鈥檚 generally hailed as well organized and worthy of being replicated.

    The process starts with Mexico screening potential [url=http://www.loveslouisvuitton.com/]louis vuitton bags[/url] workers on their education, health and skills. To ensure that they don鈥檛 overstay their employment visa, the Canadian government takes out part of the workers鈥?pay and puts it into a special fund 鈥?workers get the money when they return to Mexico.

    Canada also requires that approximately 16,000 yearly recruits be married 鈥?but only they, not their spouses and children, can travel to Canada.

    On some level, say those in industries that use foreign labor, Canada鈥檚 program should not be difficult to duplicate in the United States. But an important hurdle to its smooth implementation, they say, is the bitterly divisive nature of the ever-thorny immigration debate 鈥?it has become so politicized that there鈥檚 little to no room for compromise.

    鈥淚t wouldn鈥檛 be hard to replicate from a policy standpoint, but Canada hasn鈥檛 had the same divisive labor politics around the issue,鈥?said Craig Regelbrugge, spokesman for the American Nursery and Landscape Association. 鈥淚t鈥檚 pretty much a settled matter in Canada that the program is needed.鈥?
    Groups that favor restrictive immigration policies have typically resisted the idea of guest workers, saying that such programs take job opportunities away from U.S. citizens while driving down wages and lowering standards for working conditions. And with a lingering weak economy, they added, their argument is as legitimate as ever.

    But those who favor more lenient immigration policies 鈥?and many business groups 鈥?argue that there are jobs, especially physically demanding ones such as agricultural work, that U.S. workers do not want and will not take on.

    They want the current agricultural temporary worker program in the United States 鈥?the H2-A visa 鈥?to expand and become less bureaucratic. They said addressing the flaws in the U.S. program will encourage more employers to choose legal channels for bringing in foreign workers 鈥?a move, they argue, that will help cut down on illegal immigration.

    Now, prospective users of the U.S. visa program have to jump through multiple hoops to prove to the U.S. government that they tried to recruit U.S. workers.

    鈥淲e desperately need to see the program revamped and changed,鈥?said John Young, consultant to the New England Apple Council. 鈥淚f it isn鈥檛, a lot of the farmers that are marginal will go out of business.鈥?
    When a program works smoothly, said Young, everyone benefits.

    鈥淲orkers are able to travel safely, not having to pay smugglers, or to line the pockets of criminal elements to get where they鈥檙e going,鈥?Young said.

    Guest workers in Canada 鈥済et health insurance, high wages and they do return [to their homelands],鈥?said Philip Martin, chairman of the Comparative Immigration and Integration Program at University of California at Davis.

    鈥淏ut the main advantage is that [Canada] organizes everything for farmers 鈥?Canada farmers seem willing to pay to have professionals handle the recruitment of Mexican workers.鈥?
    What is questionable is whether U.S. employers 鈥?who have a large pool of willing w [url=ttp://www.loveslouisvuitton.com]http://www.loveslouisvuitton.com[/url]orkers ready to work 鈥?would pay to have others handle the process for them.

    Martin, echoing growers in the United States, wonders whether the Canada-Mexico guest worker program 鈥?could work in a country that requires many more laborers. U.S. farms employ roughly 2 million people annually 鈥?as many as 80 percent of them are believed to be undocumented.

    鈥淎nd would guest workers go home if they are in U.S. areas with lots of Mexican residents?鈥?he pondered.

    Some employers say the answer is yes.

    鈥淎 lot of people don鈥檛 realize that many people would rather stay in their country,鈥?said J. Allen Carnes, president of Winter Garden Produce in Texas and an advocate for issues concerning growers.

    At a conference on farm workers about a year ago that touched on the Canada program, Regelbrugge said he was struck by how Canadian government officials viewed their role in the program.

    In Canada the government views its role as 鈥渁dministering the program,鈥?he said. 鈥淚n the United States, we have several agencies [heavily] involved in our program.鈥?
    The U.S. Department of Labor, the main agency in charge of screening U.S. guest workers, did not return messages from Fox News Latino seeking comment.

    鈥淲e need for a guest worker program to be market-based,鈥?Carnes said. 鈥淭he market will dictate if we need guest workers and how many we use.”

    鈥淚f there is an excess of workers here, who want to work, we鈥檇 rather use them, even if you have to pay more,鈥?Carn [url=http://www.loveslouisvuitton.com/]louis vuitton[/url] es said. 鈥淲hen there鈥檚 no local worker, you need that guest worker, who is ready and willing to do the work.鈥?
    Employers and labor unions say any changes to the guest worker program should not tie an employee to one employer 鈥?in other words, it needs to be more flexible.

    鈥淭hey鈥檙e dependent upon one employer in a country where they don鈥檛 have mobility,鈥?said Carnes. 鈥淭hey can work in one place, and that鈥檚 the only place you can work, and you have to keep that employer happy or you fall out of status.鈥?


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