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Delta Rolls Out the Ultron EH Series UPS

New Delhi, 16th January 2013: Delta Electronics, the world-leading energy saving solutions provider, today announced the roll out of the new Ultron EH Series UPS (uninterruptible power supply) in India.


“Delta India grows at CAGR of 50% on UPS business over last year and is planning to double the revenue in FY 2013 says Mr. Suhas Joshi, Director, Delta Power Solutions”. Introduction of new products and technologies is helping Delta India to further strengthen its roots in Indian market. Moving towards the growth direction, Delta MCIS introduced Ultron EH in the market.

The Ultron EH Series, with power ratings of 10/15/20kVA, is a true online uninterruptible power supply device with three-phase four-line input and single-phase output, which can provide a reliable and stable sine wave power supply to protect mission critical applications from downtime, data loss and corruption. The Ultron EH Series UPS provides clean power supply for server rooms, communication systems, computer network systems, medical treatment systems, surveillance systems, factory equipment, and more.

“As IT applications are prevailing everywhere in the business environment, we see the customer looking for a UPS that is well-equipped with the advantages of reliability, leading technology, and best total cost of ownership (TCO) in the medium power range to protect their data and equipment from power quality problems. Most equipment is normally designed with a 1-phase input, but our Ultron EH Series has a 3-phase input 1-phase output design, which not only matches the load requirement but also simplifies power distribution from the UPS,” said Mr. Suhas Joshi, Director, Delta Power Solutions.

Aiming to achieve high reliability, the Ultron EH Series is designed with online double-conversion topology to completely isolate the output power from all input anomalies. It applies the latest DSP digital control technology design offering rapid computation capability to enhance system stability, and providing precise voltage to load. With a dual input design, the Ultron EH Series allows different sources of power supply, and it can perform “N+X” parallel redundancy for up to 4 units without requiring additional hardware. Even a single UPS failure won’t affect the output load. The Ultron EH guarantees higher reliability to protect your critical loads.


The Ultron EH Series also features high power performance and a wide input voltage range to provide the best total cost of ownership (TCO). Power efficiency can reach 96% in ECO mode. In terms of footprint, Delta is proud to claim the Ultron EH as the most compact UPS of its kind in the market.

Ultron EH Series not only provides safe, reliable and uninterrupted power for your sensitive electronic equipment at all times, but it also delivers greater power efficiency, flexibility, and the best TCO to meet your business requirements. Delta MCIS continues to develop and provide a full range of UPSs to fulfill a variety of customer applications.”

More information about Delta MCIS products can be found at: www.deltapowersolutions.com

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