General Atomics has announced a collaboration with an Indian company on Artificial Intelligence

As part of its “Make in India” agenda, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems has revealed that Indian Artificial Intelligence Company 114ai has become one of its first alliances.

114ai made waves in November 2021 as the only Indian business to be awarded a US-UK Joint Space Contract.

A day after announcing a strategic partnership with an Indian start-up company that creates next-generation computer chips, integrated circuits, and other semiconductor technology, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (GA-ASI) made a significant announcement on Wednesday.

“General Atomics is pleased to unveil our partnership with 114ai,” said Vivek Lall, chief executive of General Atomics Global Corporation.

The US and India actively cooperate in the field of artificial intelligence. The US business GA-ASI stated in a statement that it views the capabilities displayed by the 114ai team as being of the utmost importance to military operators. Through the development of cutting-edge technology that is being incorporated into US Air Force programmes, 114ai has been able to compete on a worldwide scale.

“We are looking forward to increased cooperation on NextGen AI technologies that we have been working on with the team at 114ai for the last few months. Their technology, track record and tenacity with customers in the US and UK have stood out. We expect many world-leading products coming out of this partnership. General Atomics is committed to Indian Prime Minister Modi’s ‘Make in India’ strategy and we’re looking forward to much more cooperation with Indian companies as we move forward,” Lall said.

According to the statement, GA-ASI hopes to combine its three decades of experience, knowledge, and understanding of complicated military systems with the best and the brightest of the future through this relationship. In addition, GA-ASI stated that it planned to keep working with forward-thinking Indian businesses to develop cutting-edge products for the worldwide market.

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