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GenAI has a new pincode in Jaipur with the launch of GenXAI; A Platform aiming to set global benchmarks in GenAI based Enterprise Automation solutions

Generative AI and its applications have been the buzzword amongst top industry voices across the globe for the past 12-15 months.

India has been at the forefront in adopting and leveraging industry leading transformative solutions, helping enterprises achieve their strategic goals and aspirations.With the launch of its state-of-the-art GenAI platform, GenXAI has heralded a new era of digital transformation for businesses keen on harnessing the power of GenAI driven analytics and performance optimization.

Mr. Ravi Prakash Meharda (DG Crime Rajasthan)

The launch event was graced by Chief Guest, Dr. Ravi Prakash Meharda – DG, Crime, Rajasthan, alongside Guest of Honor Mr. Sharat Kaviraj (IG, SCRB Jaipur), who; in addition to acknowledging the need for such a homegrown platform also added their valuable inputs on how the platform & the brand can position itself as an important stakeholder in not only driving enterprise value but also to ensure holistic adoption of GenAI as a technology across both the private as well as public sector.

Mr. Sharat Kaviraj (IG, SCRB Jaipur)

Mr. Rakesh Agarwal, the Founder & Managing Director, set the tone for what to expect from brand GenXAI as he emphasized on the vision statement “To Accelerate Enterprise Digital Transformation through innovative GenAI powered solutions.” True to its vision, the launch was centered around showcasing GenXAI’s capabilities with a demo of two of its offerings, in the Operations (P2P) & Supply Chain domain, driven by GenXAI’s proprietary calculation algorithms & powered by industry leading GenAI technologies such as ChatGpt & Google’s Bard AI.

Mr. Rakesh Agarwal, the Founder & Managing Director

Under this vision, the team at GenXAI has outlined a roadmap to launch 25 enterprise ready applications, serving use cases across Finance, Supply Chain & Operations, Sales etc. within this Financial Year. They aim “To facilitate accessible industry ready solutions by merging next-gen technology & platform capabilities,” which serves as their mission statement.

The launch was also attended by business leaders from across the country, who were intrigued by the offerings and expressed their views through an engaging panel discussion followed by a Q&A session which resulted in an invaluable exchange of ideas & perspectives on how GenXAI can drive value to its market.

The successful event reiterates the need for such a platform and with GenXAI pioneering this with a reception that places trust on the offerings and the people behind it, the future seems to be exciting for GenAI as a market & India as the destination which will not only be a major adopter but also a leading exporter of this technology across the globe.

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