Fujitsu Launches Private 5G Services to Accelerate Customers’ Digital Transformation

Fujitsu today announced it will launch services that realize the use of private wireless systems, such as private 5G and private LTE, in order to accelerate digital transformation (hereafter, DX) for customers.


– Fujitsu will begin offering a comprehensive service to support customers’ use of private 5G or private wireless systems in Japan, optimizing digital transformation initiatives by combining its industry expertise, network technology and collaboration with the various partners in the industry.
– “Private Wireless Managed Services” provides one-stop services from Fujitsu’s wireless technology specialists for measuring, designing, building, operating, and maintaining the private 5G system. “Private Wireless Cloud Services” offers robust support but with the small start benefits by reducing the initial deployment cost.
– Fujitsu’s “Private 5G Partnership Program” is launched together to offer customers a wide variety of use cases and solutions developed utilizing private 5G in cooperation with partner companies. “Fujitsu Collaboration Lab” verification facility will be available for connecting various devices from partner companies and implementing co-created solutions.

“Private Wireless Managed Services” provides one-stop services for smooth implementation of private wireless systems and for use in real business operations; including PoC (Proof of Concept), license application and radio wave measurement, design and construction, operation and maintenance of the system.

“Private Wireless Cloud Services” will be offered on a monthly usage basis to facilitate communications functions and related management functions in private wireless systems. These services will be available from October 8 in Japan.

In addition, these services will be compatible with the 4.7 GHz band stand-alone (SA) 5G base stations(1), which are scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2020, realizing private wireless cloud services to optimize deployment costs and create a flexible communications environment with a view to innovating Fujitsu’s customers’ businesses and helping solve their challenges.

“Private 5G Partnership Program,” a solution co-creation program that takes advantage of Fujitsu’s private 5G and other technologies and expertise is launched, as well as the advanced technologies of its partners, to be tested at “Fujitsu Collaboration Lab,” a verification facility in Kawasaki, Japan.

Under the new organization “5G Vertical Service Office,” which was established on May to strengthen vertically integrated services, Fujitsu will continue to expand the lineup of private 5G products, services, and solutions, as well as contribute to its customers’ DX through the abundant solutions provided by Fujitsu and its partners.

These services will be showcased at Fujitsu ActivateNow, to be held as an online virtual conference on October 14 and 15 2020.

About Private Wireless Managed Services

In addition to wireless technology, the deployment of a private wireless system, such as private 5G, requires advanced expertise and deployment, and operational expertise, including IoT technology that collects and processes data from a variety of on-site devices.

With this service, Fujitsu’s wireless technology specialists provide one-stop services from pre-testing PoC in Fujitsu’s wireless environment, radio wave measurement of base stations, license application, to the design, construction, operation, and maintenance process.

About Private Wireless Cloud Services

When deploying a private wireless system, such as a private 5G system and private LTE, a high level of technical knowledge and expertise in implementation and operation is essential; not only as it relates to wireless technology, but also in areas including IoT technology for capturing and processing data from various devices on-site.

This service offers base stations, core networks and SIMs(2) as communication functions. Fujitsu will also provide service management functions such as remote monitoring of operation status, as well as primary response in case of failure, on a monthly basis to realize a small start with low initial installation cost.

The 4.7 GHz-band SA-type 5G base stations to be offered in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2020 will also be available for this service.

About the Private 5G Partnership Program

Since obtaining the first commercial private 5G license in Japan on March 27, 2020, Fujitsu has been promoting the use of private 5G through in-house verification of security systems utilizing high-definition video.

Now, with the launch of the “Private 5G Partnership Program,” Fujitsu will create and offer to customers a wide variety of use cases and solutions developed utilizing private 5G in cooperation with partner companies that possess advanced technologies in a wide range of industries.

Under this program, the “Fujitsu Collaboration Lab” verification facility will be available for connecting various devices from partner companies and implementing co-creation of solutions. In this facility, products, services and advanced technologies from partner companies will be integrated into the private 5G network environment, based on Fujitsu’s network technology and expertise in a wide range of industries. This will help solve problems faced by customers, and bring about customers’ business innovation utilizing private 5G and co-creation of advanced solutions to solve various issues.

Companies Participating in the Private 5G Partnership Program (alphabetical order):

Acuity Inc., Atmark Techno, Inc., amnimo Inc., Canon Marketing Japan Inc., silex technology, Inc., Sharp Corporation, TAIYO YUDEN CO., LTD., Trend Micro Inc., Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd., Fujitsu Connected Technologies Limited , Macnica, Inc., Murata Machinery, Ltd., METAWATER Co., Ltd., YE DIGITAL Corporation, and others

Technical support in the area of core networks and semiconductors to construct private 5G will be provided by the following “Private 5G Technology Partners”: Intel K.K., Ericsson Japan K.K., Keysight Technologies , and Qualcomm Japan G.K.