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Clavent’s TESTCON 2020 receives a remarkable response with 20+ countries participating virtually

Clavent, an India based global conferences company, hosted its annual flagship event TESTCON 2020 virtually on 25th and 26th September. The conference hosted 300+ software testers and 25+ speakers from more than 20+ countries to discuss the disruptions and latest buzzwords in software testing. The virtual conference allowed real-time interaction and seamless networking experience with speakers and fellow delegates.
Clavent secured an outstanding lineup of talented thought leaders and influencers from the global software testing ecosystem like; Pradeep Soundararajan, Founder CEO – Moolya; Silvia Ohr, Head of Testing and QA – ASX; Ajay Balamurugadas, AVP Delivery – Qapitol QA; Mesut Durukal, QA & Test Automation Lead – Siemens; Bilal Ahmed, Consultant – Tricentis; Jonathon Wright, CTO – Digital Assured; Maryam Umar, Head of Quality – Thought Machine; Ketan Joshi, Vice President – Deutsche Bank; Nitin Ramchaware, AVP – CRIF; Ramit Manohar Kaul, Hands/Hasta – TestAIng.com; Vikas Mittal, Forbes Technology Council Member; Divya Vaishnavi, Director Product – GitHub; Gaurav
Mahajan, Head of QA Automation – Contentserv; Viv Richards, Lead QA Consultant – Rubber Duck Consulting Ltd; Laveena Ramchandani, Senior Consultant – Deloitte UK; Rahul Prasad, Co-Founder and CTO – Bobble AI; Jason Lee, Director of QA – Freelancer.com; Muthu Velayutham, Senior Manager Test and Avinash Kannamadakala, Test Automation Analyst – British Telecom and Sumit Mundhada, Test Automation Lead – Vodafone (_VOIS). The Conference covered topics like; Metaphors to help people understand complex things in Testing; Discover your Testing Ikigai; Future of Software Testing: Machine Learning Assistance; How I became Agile when it came to mentalhealth; ML / AI Testing Strategies; Who is an SDET, Do We Need Them & Can You Be One; Testing an input method using the IME test suite and many more.

Few Interesting Talks:-
1. Metaphors to help people understand complex things in Testing by Pradeep Soundararajan from Moolya Testing
Pradeep focused on the Metaphors and Analogies that people can use to explain things and hence ease out communication issues. Some of the analogies and metaphors that he used during the talk are;
– Large scale automation projects are like F1 cars
– Not doing Unit Testing is like smoking
– Picking the wrong priority is like wastes bullets in shooting

2. Discover your Testing Ikigai by Ajay Balamurugadas from Qapitol QA
Ajay gave a fantastic session while he shed the light on testing Ikigai. His talk boosted the confidence of testers! He also emphasized on the importance of testing skills and how to apply Ikigai principles to testing.

3. Future of Software Testing: Machine Learning Assistance by Mesut Durukal from Siemens
Mesut talked about the ML Algorithms to identify the use of cases relating to the Software test stages. He also summarized the application areas with algorithms and discussed the advantages and potential risks of AI applications in software testing.

4. Managing is a task, Leading is an art by Ramit Manohar Kaul from TestAIng.com
Ramit gave an interesting session and shared some intrinsic qualities that one must develop in order to become a leader. He also mentioned that “If we need to see an effective and efficient team, we need to see what kind of leadership (and not managers) the team has. If an organization wishes to build wealth, management must ensure that teams are led by leaders and not managers.”

5. Thrilling Panel Discussion on Striking a Balance Between Manual and Automated Testing
The panel discussion on Day 2 on “Striking a Balance Between Manual and Automated Testing” stole the show with amazing panel members like Viv Richards, Lead QA Consultant at Rubber Duck Consulting Ltd; Laveena Ramchandani, Senior Consultant at Deloitte UK; Ajay Balamurugadas, AVP Delivery at Qapitol QA and JonathonWright, CTO at Digital Assured.

This year TestCon Virtual not only made sure to cover the software testing trends and topics but also gave the opportunity to improve the software testing techniques and network and gather with other high-level professionals to gain industry insight.
After successfully organizing TestCon in geographies like India, Australia, Singapore, Philippines, UK, and virtually this year with 20+ countries participating from around the world, Clavent plans to move to European, American market in the coming months.

About Clavent:
Clavent is an India based global conferences company and specializes in researching and developing cutting edge technology conferences and events. They have hosted their own flagship physical conferences in India, Australia, Philippines, Singapore, and the UK and also helped global clients manage their conference/events plans right from ideation to execution.
They plan, organize, and execute an entire event/conference/webinar on the client’s behalf. Over the years, their clients have seen the true value they bring to their business and most importantly they treat clients business with the same passion and professionalism as their own. They take care of end-to-end management of the conference, right from inviting the speakers, design, ideation, promotion, and other execution keeping the client’s desired theme under consideration.

For more details visit: https://www.clavent.com or Mail contact@clavent.com


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