January 17, 2021

Free Access Is Available Only To Uninor’s Internet Subscribers

Indian telecom service provider Uninor is offering free Internet Uninor_CEO_VivekSoodaccess to Wikipedia for its Internet subscribers on their mobile devices .

It is being said that the initiative is part of the ongoing efforts by the telecom operator to fulfil its ‘Internet for All’ ambition.

Looks like, Uninor too has taken it seriously in making it a reality to bring Internet access to almost everyone on this planet.

Now, Internet users of Uninor will be able to access Wikipedia’s largest collection of free knowledge with no data charges.

This means that the library (Wikipedia) which is free to utilise has now broken all its barrier (data charges) through Uninor. So, it has finally become completely free.

Uninor believes in creating more powerful and knowledgeable people in the society and thus it will help in the literacy growth of the country.

For people to avail this free Wikipedia service, they should first be subscribers of the Uninor’s Internet service which is a paid service.

However, we hope the free Wikipedia feature is not yet-another marketing gimmick to lure in more people to subscribe to their paid Internet service.