QuickHeal Labs Detects New PoS Malware

Quick Heal Technologies has released its Quarterly Threat Report (QTR) for the second quarter of 2015 (April Quickheal_logoto June 2015). The report offers a detailed look back at the top malware samples, malware threats and upcoming security trends and takeaways from the quarter over the Windows and Android platforms. With 17 million customers in more than 112 countries worldwide, Quick Heal receives real-time global virus signature updates for desktops and mobile devices over multiple platforms and operating systems.

The Quick Heal Threat Report for Q2, 2015 highlights the rising threats of malware over the popular computing platforms. With such large numbers of malware samples involved, the need for awareness and effective security measures is now higher than ever. Additionally, the evolving nature of malware and the various devices that they can propagate on should also make Internet users wary about every single click that they make online.