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Teenager Develops iPhone Case That Doubles Up As A Stethoscope

Steth-IO-iPhone-CaseA high school student has used a 3D printer to create something truly unique and clever. At just 15 years-old Suman Mulumudi has developed the Steth IO, an iPhone case that doubles up as a  stethoscope.

Once an iPhone has been placed inside the case, the diaphragm on the back channels low frequency sounds through a network of tubes that connect to the microphone. This can hear and record the sound of a heartbeat as well as visulaize it on the display. Mulumudi has now set up his own company called Stratoscientific and has submitted the Steth IO to the FDA for approval.

Although he is only 15 years-old, he is no stranger to the medical field and the heart specifically, as his father is a cardiologist. His story was published on the 3D printing company MakerBot’s website, where he explains how it took him around two weeks to come up with the initial design and with having 3D printing experience, he decided it was the best choice for producing the prototype.

StethIO-stethoscope-iphone-prototypes-makerbotStratoscientific’s website outlines how Steth IO can record heart data that can then be used in conjunction with electronic medical records and assist healthcare professionals with remote consultations and diagnosis. There is no word on when it will go on sale and whether it will be available for use by the public.

This incredible device gives us just a glimpse of what is come from our young budding designers and scientists of the future.

Source: news.filehippo.com

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