March 8, 2021

F&D unveils A100 Multimedia Player

For a company having a reputation for excellence in sound, a venture into the digital media players market is only organic and with F&D, it’s bound to set new standards of success. With the A100 multimedia player, the firm has brought a worthy contender to the shelf and a useful companion for all kinds of music lovers.


Call it a new-age variant of the 70s’ boombox, this video-music machine from F&D is an edgy new gadget that has more functions than its simple and minimalistic looks confirm. Firstly, enabling connections to play anything from videos, visuals and music by supporting a wide range of formats, it’s all that one needs these days.Users can simply plug and explore a vast universe of multimedia content effortlessly simply by plugging in to the USB or the card slot, supporting MMC/MS/SD memory cards of any device in home: LCD/LED/Laptop/TV (with USB)/Music System/Home Theatre etc.

View and enjoy your photos in a JPG format directly on your widescreen TV. Turn your living room into a photo gallery and share memories with your friends and family. Play videos and enjoy a comprehensive range of video formats – from high definition formats such as .DAT, .OB, .MPG, .AVI without the hassle of converting files. Just press ‘Play’ to start watching videos or movies in superb cinematic quality, delivered in vivid surround sound.

Not to forget F&D’s core promise, excellent sound, the A100 will help you add another dimension to your favourite music – be it in MP3 or WMA formats – by giving crystal clear sound. Coming with FM with advanced PLL technology and a full-function remote control, here’s a multi-pronged machine you would not get your senses off once you begin playing it in your room!