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“Expressing Strong Interest in Joining the Celebration”: Zomato CEO Discloses Extensive Delivery Order Consisting of 125 Items

Deepinder Goyal, the CEO of Zomato, recently shared an interesting incident about an extravagant party order placed in Kolkata during New Year’s Eve. According to Goyal, a customer made an order for a whopping 125 items in a single go. Expressing his desire to attend such a celebration, Goyal later clarified that the massive order was primarily comprised of 125 ‘rumali rotis,’ a traditional Indian flatbread. The revelation came during a conversation with a user named Yash Desai, who inquired about the number of delivery personnel needed for such a significant order. Goyal disclosed that a single delivery agent handled the entire order due to its specific content.

Aside from this extraordinary order, Goyal also shared some noteworthy statistics regarding Zomato’s performance on New Year’s Eve. He highlighted that Maharashtra received the highest number of orders from outside India, showcasing the global reach of Zomato’s services. Moreover, Goyal proudly announced that the company achieved a record-breaking number of orders on a single day, surpassing the combined orders from New Year’s Eves of 2015 to 2020.




Deepinder Goyal: Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal reacts after customer from Kolkata places order for 125 items at once on New Year's Eve - The Economic Times
Deepinder Goyal: Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal reacts after customer from Kolkata places order for 125 items at once on New Year’s Eve

In addition to order volumes, Goyal revealed that Zomato customers generously tipped over Rs 97 lakh until late at night on December 31. This indicates a positive trend in customer appreciation and support for the platform’s services. Furthermore, Goyal shared insights about New Year’s Eve celebrations in different cities, noting that Bengaluru stood out with the highest number of events booked and tables reserved.

However, amidst the celebrations and positive statistics, Zomato and Goyal faced criticism following a post that depicted multiple employees working in a conference room on December 31. Goyal referred to it as a ‘War Room,’ emphasizing the company’s dedication to managing the high order volume during New Year’s Eve. Some users expressed discontent, suggesting that the situation reflected poorly on the planning and execution of projects, indicating that the product might not be up to par.

Despite the criticism, Goyal’s updates shed light on the challenges and successes Zomato experienced during a significant event like New Year’s Eve. The disclosure of specific order details, customer tips, and city-wise celebration trends offers transparency and insight into the company’s operations. It also underscores the unique demands faced by food delivery platforms during peak times and the measures taken to ensure efficient service delivery.

As Zomato continues to navigate the dynamic landscape of the food delivery industry, such real-time updates and engagement with users contribute to building trust and understanding among the platform’s user base. The varied experiences and statistics shared by Goyal reflect the multifaceted nature of the platform’s operations and its impact on the culinary experiences of customers during festive occasions.

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