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Exclusive Interview – IT Voice X Mr Sanjoy Bhattacharya, Director Sales & Marketing, IT Business, ViewSonic India

Sanjoy Bhattacharya, Director Sales and Marketing –IT Business, ViewSonic India
Sanjoy Bhattacharya, Director Sales and Marketing –IT Business, ViewSonic India
Jahnavi– What are your thoughts on the Revolution of touchscreen display solutions?

Sanjoy– Touchscreen display technology is constantly evolving. Innovative and adaptable touch experiences will be made even more possible by new technologies like Infrared touch, Projected capacitive touchscreens. We may anticipate that touchscreens will spread even more widely across many products and businesses as technology develops. These two technologies have revolutionised the touchscreen display solutions in India.

Infrared touch and Projected capacitive touchscreens hasrevolutionised the touchscreen solutions in India. Infrared touch technology can easily be applied on public information desk, control rooms, which can detect commands interrupting a grid of infrared light beams that are positioned over the screen. When a beam is blocked, the touch point is calculated. Infrared touch screens are durable and capable of detecting multiple points of touch.

Talking about Projected capacitive touchscreens which are majorly applied in POS system, information kiosk, self service terminals, industrial control panels are coated with a transparent conductive film that, when touched by a fingertip, can use the conductivity of the human body as a means for input. They’re highly responsive and can detect up to 10 points of contact simultaneously.

Jahnavi– How do you think the gaming industry is evolving in India?

Sanjoy– According to recent research, the online gaming industry is expected to reach $182 billion by 2025. The availability of advanced tech and affordable display units, widespread internet use, the development of many game genres, and cutting-edge technology all contribute to the sector’s rapid expansion. Additionally, the online gaming market is anticipated to increase from 481 million users in 2022 to 657 million users in 2025, thanks to the AVGC task force and the introduction of 5G.

With a remarkable increase in online gamers, the Indian gaming business is expanding at a never-before-seen rate. The population of PC gamers is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 8.5 per cent between 2019 and 2023, despite India’s beginning relatively late in the online mobile gaming space. The pandemic also gave the sector a boost. It’s interesting to note that the demand has expanded beyond Tier I cities alone, and it is currently sharply rising in Tier II and III cities.

New platforms, technologies, and business models are continually being developed, and the market is changing to meet consumer expectations. Despite being viewed as a pastime, gaming is a source of income for many companies. The gaming ecosystem has a bright future as technology develops and the market becomes more diverse.

Jahnavi–  What are the current goals of ViewSonic?
Sanjoy– ViewSonic aims to be in one of the TOP 3 brands (in certain segments and market) in the display segment especially monitors in India. We aim to offer products to our customers that helps them to add value to the workspace and address all their need/concerns.
Jahnavi– As you know, your brand has monitor solutions for gamers from beginner to professional Esports gamers. Can you explain in detail what and how they tend to work?

Sanjoy– ViewSonic observes gamers’ demands and provides customers with the best gaming monitors.

We have multiple ranges of gaming monitors considering budding gamers and professionals (Elite and OMNI series). A Gaming monitor should be equipped with a few essential features like refresh rate, response times and ergonomics, which the gamer should definitely consider. XG2431, the elite gaming series, has a refresh rate of 240hz and 0.5ms MPRT response time, the brand has recently launched the affordable VX28 series comes with 180hz refresh rate 0.5 ms response time and rare Triple certification specifically designed for consumers who require a high-performance display for a seamless transition between play and work. With an ergonomically designed stand for comfortable posture, which makes it user-friendly and comfortable for gamers

XG series: Our Elite series of gaming monitors is the best in class for the professional gamer in you. The series offers a range upto 240 Hz of 144 to 240Hz of refresh rate to reduce any lag while gaming, is Blur Buster and Blur Buster 2.0 certified, and comes AMD FreeSync™ Premium

VX series: The gaming series which includes a range of features and tech like, full HD resolution, curved display, fast IPS for gamers, frameless bezels, higher refresh rate. This series also offers entertainment and crossover monitors for the best of both worlds

Jahnavi– What is ViewSonic’s contribution and expansion plan in the display technology space?

Sanjoy– In India, ViewSonic serves customers in all market segments and categories. We are also one of the few brands with the broadest selection of products. We operate under the tenet that, as a brand, we should be able to meet all of the needs of our target market. By doing this, we assist dealers in selling our monitors because we offer a product for every need. ViewSonic is the only company to provide a 3+2-year warrantee helps solidify our position with channel partners because they can confidently keep recommendingour monitors. Additionally, we have a lot of demo units available, which helps distributors swiftly fill orders.

ViewSonic is also increasing its man power investment in India and in 2022, has set-up RID (regional importer and distributor network) network. In first half of 2023, ViewSonic has planed and successfully executed the setup of AWD (authorised wholesale distributor) to reach out to 7000 loyal partners. For second half, we are aiming to reach to new markets which is beyond top 10 markets of India like Bihar, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh etc.

Jahnavi– What are the visions and missions of your company?

Sanjoy– ViewSonic strives to be the top most provider of cutting-edge, high-quality monitors in India, enabling people and companies to improve their visual experiences and productivity.

We work hard to create and provide cutting-edge monitors that provide excellent visual performance, cutting-edge features, and intuitive designs to fulfil the various needs of our clients to realize our goal. By providing dependable products, prompt customer service, and thorough after-sales care, we are dedicated to delivering unmatched customer satisfaction and ensuring our clients have a positive experience using our monitors and solutions.

Innovation is the best and only way to be relevant, so we constantly push the boundaries of technology and innovation to foresee and satisfy the market’s changing demands. By investing in research and development, we intend to deliver ground-breaking innovations and functions that improve productivity, creativity, and entertainment experiences.

Jahnavi– What are the marketing strategies followed by ViewSonic in general?

Sanjoy– ViewSonic caters to customer across categories and segments in India and we are also one of the only brands to have widest range of product portfolio. We work on the model that as a brand we want to offer solutions for every need of our audience. Through this, we help dealers to pitch our monitors as we have a product for every requirement. To create visibility in the market, ViewSonic is expanding its boundaries and getting along with distributors/dealers to make sure its product is reaching to the masses. It will helpincrease brand awareness and help to achieve its goal in a certain time.

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