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Everything you need to know from Apple’s WWDC 2020 Keynote event

Apple’s WWDC 2020 kick-started yesterday, for the time Apple’s developer conference will be an all-digital affair and will be live-streamed across the world. No one was in attendance personally during Apple CEO’s keynote event. There were several surprises during the event, as well as some already known facts from the company. So let’s take a look at what the company has to offer.

Apple showcased its new iOS 14 for the first time; this new update is coming to all iOS devices running on iOS 13 this year. It will be made available later this year, probably after the launch of the iPhone 12. Apple has announced that you could add widgets on the home screen of your device, which could help you acquire more knowledge or make your device more useful. It has changed the look of iOS software, making it similar to the WatchOS. Widgets could be attached to the home screen using the widget gallery. Apple now also a dedicated app library for accessing the apps more quickly than ever before. They have also introduced a much-awaited picture in picture features, which will allow you to view other apps while streaming media or watching a video. It could be toggled around the home screen without closing to view any other apps. Android has had this feature for quite some while, and it will be interesting to see how Apple utilizes this feature. Apple has updated the memojis for more variety of reactions and age features to make it more realistic; it may not seem a very major upgrade but could be significant for people wanting to communicate with memoji. There have been updates in the messaging apps with a new group interface and mentions. Apple Maps has been modified for cycle owners and electric vehicle drivers giving them more information about stands or charging points whether they will have to carry their cycle upstairs where they are going or not. These are small updates but could make a significant change and make life much easier for its customers. This feature will be available in selected cities for now.

The BMW has partnered with Apple to turn your Apple devices into car keys for Devices running on iOS13 and iOS14. It will be first made available for the BMW 5 series and later to the other lineups. Apple has released its version of Android’s Instant Apps known as apple app clips. Apple has made similar upgrades to the iPadOS 14 with a refined search bar that is more like the spotlight from MacOS. There will also be a new sidebar, making it much easier to navigate through the screen in the iPadOS14. Apple pencil has been upgraded to modify any scribbled information into electronic text and open the correct app related to it. It will be made available in multiple languages through the details weren’t released.

They also released the next macOS called macOS Big Sur, which a redesigned notification center and more features in the control center. Apple had revamped all its apps for the Mac lineup with new designs. They also announced the shift from Intel chips to their ARM-based chipsets of the Mac lineup. They have made it official, and now soon we will see a much more powerful Mac device. Apple has provided developers a platform to make it easier for them to port apps from the Intel chips to the new Arm-based chips. They cited the reason to make the shift to increase performance while using less power; it could differentiate from the other manufacturers and improve their market share.

Apple finally brings the sleep tracking feature to Apple Watch in the WatchOS 7. Now people can also share their watch faces with friends. Apple TV received significant software changes; now, the Apple TV can also be used as a Home hub. More information will be made available later.