Wired or Wireless what’s in store for the future of Headphones?

Headphones have become an essential part of our lives; every one of us owns a pair of headphones. It has become crucial to stream media, listen to songs, or require it for gaming. Therefore every one of us has faced the dilemma of buying a pair of headphones. In this era of no headphone jacks, we have to another task to figure out which one will suit my needs and will be pocket friendly at the same time. It is not easy to choose the right headphones for your needs and wireless headphones getting cheaper, and with the introduction of true wireless earbuds from many companies have made the task more challenging. Apple changed and directed the market once again with the removing the standard 3.5mm jack in their iPhone series and introduced the Airpods providing authentic, seamless wire-free experience with the ability to do anything and a very futuristic feature. They undoubtedly offer freedom from wires, but do they sound as good as their wired counterparts? Wireless devices are becoming even more smarted; they have an in-build voice assistant connected to your phone who can answer any query, gestures to help you navigate, and so much more. Although over the years, their price has significantly decreased, the manufacturing cost is extremely high because of the components required to build a wireless headphone of earpods, for example. If we take wireless headphones and a wired headphone costing almost the same, the wired headphone will give a much better sound experience, though the freedom from wires is lost. Another reason to prefer a wires headphone is that they use batteries, and sooner or later, the battery will die out, and you will have to but a new one. Some cheaper variants of wireless headphones use the previous generation of Bluetooth and aren’t able to play the high-resolution music which comes in FLAC or WAV formats and can be used play for MP3 files. We wouldn’t disagree for a daily commute or workouts; wireless headphones do the job by compromising on the sound which a regular customer won’t mind. But audiophiles whose priority is the sound of the music and the quality they listen to headphones manufacturers have improved the sound technology over the years. They don’t just care about creating quality music but make sure that their audience looks to it the way they want in the best quality hence wont to provide an experience that they will cherish. The Music industry still uses expensive wired headphones, which start from Rs 10000 upwards and go all the way.
So about the question which one should you buy, it all boils down to the fact of what type of customer you are. If you are looking for more utility by compromising on sound wireless, it can be an excellent option, but if you prefer the sound quality, we will surely suggest you go for wired headphones. Sony has released its new Sony’s WH-CH710N wireless headphones for Rs 9,990, which can be a terrific offer for its functionality.