EPSRC Opens First National Center Of Excellence For Power Electronics

imagesThe Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) has opened the first EPSRC National Center of Excellence for Power Electronics. Power electronics is at the heart of electronic devices like laptops and mobile phones, cars, trains, planes, energy networks, and power stations.

The £18 million investment in the new EPSRC Centre will be spread as a series of grants, each of which involves multiple universities. These consist of a central coordinating Hub – led by Professor Mark Johnson at the University of Nottingham, and involving the universities of Manchester, Newcastle, Greenwich, Bristol, Warwick, Nottingham and Imperial College London – and a series of four technical programs.

The opening of the new Centre comes two months after the launch of the PowerelectronicsUK Forum which is a network backed by industry, academia and the government that aims to boost the number of people within the Power Electronics industry.

Steve Burgin, Chairman of PowerelectronicsUK and UK President of Alstom said, “The new EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics will be key to the future success of UK Power Electronics. It will help to keep UK industry and academia at the forefront of next generation Power Electronics technologies.