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Amazon’s Ring Security Device

Amazon’s new product will help capture video clips of their cars in case of any trouble faced by the car. The indoor drone is priced at INR eighteen thousand three hundred.
The purpose of this drone is to capture clips where the static camera can’t reach. The users will know where their alarm has gone off.

This new device is known to give reassuring results for security reasons (telling the user that someone has attempted to break in).

Amazon has also declared that an alarm (especially for cars) will be made. The decision was taken if a car is detected with a bump or anything like that, the ring systems will help know the user about it. And with the help of a software; ring car, any person can watch the video playback and help him/her alert about the event. It is priced at INR four thousand four hundred forty.


Image from Amazon


Amazon’s ring system has already received backlashes from advocates like EEF. They have suggested that amazon should end their partnerships with the police
According to the president of the new product, amazon will not share videos foreknowingly as users can control what to share. The product’s main aim is to provide peace of mind to the users.

Also, not a long ago, Amazon has proclaimed the launch of a gaming service with the name; Luna. Along with that smart speakers with Alexa’s voice assistance will appear soon in the market. The smart speakers will also have the feature of deleting previous recordings and is going to compete with fellow rivals like Google and Apple. Amazon can monetize the products with the help of several subscriptions.