EDMC launches 24×7 monsoon helpline for East Delhi

artImg198x166_15082EDMC has launches a 24×7 Monsoon Helpline number (155303) for citizens of East Delhi.

The East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) will launch a new 24×7 helpline in the capital from Saturday. The helpline is meant for East Delhi only and will respond to distress calls related to poor sanitation, water logging and clogged drains that are extensive during the monsoons in Delhi. The helpline was earlier operational from 10am to 6pm only which is not sufficient for the heavy Delhi monsoon. The new monsoon helpline number is 155303 and will be operational 24×7 throughout the year.

“The helpline will take complaints of citizens and forward them to the respective departments, depending on the nature of complaint. In case a complaint is not resolved, citizens can also get in touch with officers of their respective wards,” EDMC spokesperson YS Mann told IANS.

He also added that, “The operation for the helpline number has been outsourced and it will now function on a 24×7 basis, starting Saturday. It will remain functional throughout the year.”

Users can also call the control room numbers for Shahadra North and South for any sanitation and water clogging problems related to the Monsoon. Along with the helpline number, EDMC will also provide the contact details and names of the officers who will be responsible in resolving any monsoon related problems.

Source-Times of india