January 28, 2021

IBM,Apple Announce Eight More Apps For IOS Devices

Apple and IBM have launched eight new enterprise appsthrough the Apple_IBM_ITVoice‘MobileFirst for iOS’ initiative. The new apps will join 14 other enterprise related apps available exclusively for iPhone and iPad.

The new eight apps focus primarily on healthcare and industrial products, adding to the already sizeable line of industries Apple is offering services. The four new healthcare apps include Hospital RN, Hospital Lead, Hospital Tech, and Home RN.

The partnership between Apple and IBM was first revealed last year.

According to the TechCrunch, one app named Hospital RN app for iPhone, is working to reduce operational costs associated with the managing of patient information by connecting with a hospital’s own systems, while also allowing its users to manage patient info, including discharges, right from the iPhone. It works with Apple’s iBeacon technology in order to identify patient rooms then display the relevant patient data based on proximity.

The apps Hospital Lead app for iPad and the Hospital Tech app for iPhone will focus on organizing and prioritizing task assignments.

A fourth app, the Home RN app for iPhone, is aimed at supporting nurses who work outside the hospital offering home care services.

Rapid Handover app for iPad for industrial products industry, which lets a foreman document and share info with shift workers related to the production goals and equipment maintenance among other things. Also, there are new apps for the retail industry (Order Commit app for iPad) and the insurance industry (Risk Inspect), the latter which uses the camera on the iPad to help document inspections.

IBM announced a Passenger Care app to make it easier for airlines to re-book those whose flights are cancelled, delayed or changed.

The app Ancillary Sale app for iPhone improves things once passengers are on the plane. Flight attendants will be able to sell seat upgrades and in-flight purchases including duty-free items, using their iPhone.

IBM plans to announce a number of new applications across industry in the coming years.