Dr.Mahesh Gupta, Founder & Chairman, Kent RO Systems

Dr.Mahesh Gupta, Founder & Chairman of Kent Ro Systems Ltd.

Dr.Mahesh Gupta, Founder & Chairman of Kent Ro Systems Ltd.

Mahesh Gupta is the founder and chairman of Kent Ro Systems Ltd. Kent Ro is a pioneering organization to provide water purifier products. The company is the brainchild of Dr.Mahesh Gupta who founded it in the 90s. The company is headquartered in the Noida city of Uttar Pradesh state. The company has diversified its business into other products like Vegetable Cleaner, Vacuum Cleaner, water softeners, air purifiers, and many more. Apart from India, the products are available in countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, the Middle East, and Kenya as well.

Dr.Gupta completed mechanical engineering from IIT Kanpur in the year 1975. Later he earned a master’s degree from the reputed Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP). He joined Indian Oil Corporation in the year 1977 but later quit the job to devote himself to developing and manufacturing oil conservation products. Kent Oil Meter is a successful business which again is one of the first projects of Dr.Mahesh Gupta.

Dr.Gupta laid the foundation of Kent RO Systems in the year 1998 by inventing a water purifier based on Reverse Osmosis Technology. The journey from a single room and merely 20,000 INR has reached over 40% market share in India and a whooping 3500 Crore Rs.

He is also conferred with a doctorate degree by Sri Sri University, Orissa for his contributions towards providing clean drinking water.

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