Developing CRM Solution for Service Providers: Enjay CRM

In the commercial world the importance of retaining existing customers and expanding business is paramount. The costs associated with finding new customers mean that every existing customer could be important.

The more opportunities that a customer has to conduct business with your company the better, and one way of achieving this is by opening up channels such as direct sales, online sales, franchises, use of agents, etc. However, the more channels you have, the greater the need to manage your interaction with your customer base.CRM (1)

Customer relationship management (CRM) helps businesses to gain an insight into the behavior of their customers and modify their business operations to ensure that customers are served in the best possible way. In essence, CRM helps a business to recognize the value of its customers and to capitalize on improved customer relations. The better you understand your customers, the more responsive you can be to their needs.

Benefiting from CRM is not just a question of buying the right software. You must also adapt your business to the needs of your customers.

Enjay IT Solution with their strong technical background and their experience of implementing CRM in many Small Scale organizations, have developed a wonderful CRM software keeping in mind the requirements of the service providers. Talking about the software Enjay CRM, Mr. Limesh Parekh, CEO, Enjay IT Solutions, says, “Initially call registration was done on phone manually one or more person receiving the calls and making entry in one of the registers. In this case – lots of entries were many times missed – and customers used to get angry. Now we have divided the things and reduced the work load via Support call registration – from Website, Support call registration – from phone and Support call registration – from Email.”

Another feature that manages the work of the service department is Support Call assignment. Through this the support manager will get a list of all the calls with details like Priority, Area of the call (geography is divided now), Type of call (so that proper person can be sent) and Details of the person to be contacted there. The support coordinator (or manager) has just to select the case and select the user name.

Also, an email / SMS is automatically sent to Support Executive, giving him list of customers where he has to attend and also to the client – stating which engineer is going to attend his case.

Once the support executive has visited the client, the Case Solution reporting has to be done by the Support Executives. Before CRM everything was either manual or verbal – with no records or monitoring tools. But now, the Support Executive can close the case from the client place also, because the CRM system is online (thru browser).As soon as he closes the case – an email is sent to customer intimating that.  The result of this is increase in the accountability and responsibility on the part of support executive.

Another highlight of the software is Dashboard reporting. Owing to this the Team Leaders & the CEO can get all the reports mentioned regularly and in REALTIME. Also Reports can be scheduled and emailed to them. This saves them from logging into the system to check the reports.

What happens when the case is not resolved in the stipulated time? This is also extremely important to maintain the image of the company as post sales service is of utmost importance. This problem can be solved through Automatic Escalation. Under this the case gets escalated automatically based on priority of the case, Priority of the customer and the general standards of terms of service as defined by the service providers.

Generally we use CRM so that we get a full view of our relationship and activities with customers and our teams. However most of the communication happens on telephone and mobile – and sadly this data is doesn’t up in CRM system. And, this becomes very critical, because generally the sales / Support executives do not to enter all this data in to CRM system.

Enjay IT Solution has developed such offering using which one can enter and relate all these data from the telephony systems and mobile phones directly into CRM. Elaborating on the software he says, “Enjay has developed three products which can be used in synchorisation to solve this purpose. The three products are Enjay CRM which is based on community version of SugarCRM. Enjay Synapse is nothing but a customised IPPBX system and has fantastic software integration capabilities. We already have a connector for SugarCRM (also supports Enjay CRM) which will give all the records directly into CRM system.

Continuing he says. “The last product is Enjay Synapse Mobile which is a mobile application which sends your mobile data (like caller name, time, duration, etc) to your CRM server. It can also send the geographical location of the mobile user – when the call was made. We already have Enjay Synapse Mobile for SugarCRM for this also; we have an API, which can be used to integrate with any software. Thus you get Emails, phone calls and mobile call details – everything right into your CRM –without any human intervention.”

— Shweta Sharma, IT Voice