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Artificial Intelligence Incorporation to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Artificial Intelligence (AI) incorporation has affected human lives in both personal and business areas.

You may have been familiar with personal assistants like Siri and Alexa and self-driving vehicles. Many companies also have implemented AI’s behavioral algorithms and predictive capabilities for their decision-making processes.

To make use of AI in your business, this article will show you seven ways to integrate the technology for uplifting your website development.

1. Understand Audience Behavior

On average, marketers spend more than five hours trying to improve the data analysis processes, and here AI comes to the rescue by making it faster.

AI in marketing analytics compiles all audience information and turns it into actionable insights or even automated decision-making. It can predict future outcomes based on previous customer behavior.

With an AI heatmap tool, you can also analyze user patterns on your website by looking at what they focus on the most and how they navigate the page. It helps you know where to put essential design elements like call to action (CTA) buttons and cut the amount of time to conduct long-term A/B tests.

2. Use Chatbots

Chatbots are AI software that can conduct human-like conversations via messaging applications. Inside chatbots lay natural language processing (NLP) consisting of a knowledge base that stores relevant responses from previous conversations, chat transcripts, and FAQs.

This technology works to enhance the customer experience as they’re always available and can respond to many conversations simultaneously. Chatbots can also act as an interactive marketing tool as it requires active participation from users.

To stand out from the crowd and gain traffic, develop a creative bot’s voice. For example, Disney invites fans from the movie Zootopia to interact with the bot featuring fictional characters in the film.

3. Create Content with AI SEO

AI plays a crucial role in content creation for various purposes, such as determining the user intent, seeing content with the most engagement, and understanding your audience’s problems.

Here are some AI SEO tools to help create relevant and high-quality content.

  • Grammarly. Combines machine learning with natural language processing methods. The AI system helps you make adjustments to your writing, from grammar to conciseness.
  • Bright Edge. Has a prominent feature for finding the best keywords to boost local SEO and bring more regional traffic.
  • OneSpot. Generates personalized content with a unique profile for each user visiting your website, so they will receive more relevant content.

4. Optimize Lead Generation Activities

Lead generation means the process of taking visitors and interesting them in buying your product or service.

With predictive analysis and targeted advertising, AI can develop automated marketing campaigns that target the right audience to purchase your product with the right channel and schedule. It considers all aspects, like consumers’ specific demographics and behavior.

Alibaba can be a great example of a business using AI for generating leads. It opens a physical store named FashionAI where visitors can virtually try on clothes and get recommendations for the complement items with smart mirrors in the changing rooms.

The brand’s AI strategy leads to a 44 percent increase in positive experiences and customers.

5. Visual and Voice Search

Visual and voice search has become more popular over the years.

Like Google and Pinterest, big search engines have introduced a visual search engine, and more than 60 percent of millennials have loved it. By just taking a picture, the AI feature helps users find similar images or products like it.

Optimize your site for visual search and drive traffic by doing keyword research and applying the keywords on image alt attributes, titles, and descriptions.

Besides visual search, consider leveraging voice search because over 40 percent of adults have used it daily. They think it’s easier and quicker than using an app or a website.

As the voice search queries contain many question words, such as when and where prepare question keywords for your content. Use a keyword research tool, like AnswerThePublic or Also Asked, to find popular question keywords on your niche.

6. Real-Time Personalization

Personalized campaigns can increase engagement as users find them relevant to their wants and needs, even when they’re first-time visitors.

AI will identify several factors, like their location and digital behavior, then personalize the content, CTAs, or product deals based on the factors immediately. This strategy can be applied to various channels, including websites, mobile apps, or emails.

Take a look at Pinterest’s AI for a real-life example. It uses a neural network that can understand users’ path discovery. For instance, when a user searches “home design” and selects an image with a minimalist style, the app will recommend similar searches and images.

7. Improve Sales Performance

Marketers have used customer relationship management (CRM) to manage the company’s interactions with potential and actual customers. With the help of AI, CRM tools become smarter. They provide more accurate sales insights and help companies improve sales performance.

To get maximum benefit, make sure the CRM software you choose has these essential integrations:

  • Helpdesk. To store customer information, including segmentation details and purchase history.
  • Marketing automation. To qualify leads and make the campaigns more effective and accurate.
  • Collaboration. To connect with other team members for chatting or sending files.

Why Is AI Important to Web Development?

As explained above, you can conclude that AI has been helpful for web development, to:

  • Improve customer experience. With features like chatbots and real-time personalization, users can get faster and more relevant services.
  • Make better decisions without hassle. AI can help marketers pinpoint which keywords or strategies grow the brand and even proceed with automated marketing.
  • Let your brand stand out. As you get actionable user analysis, you can understand how to win your audience and get them to choose you more than other brands.


Now, you know how to integrate AI for better web development. Hire a developer that can adapt to the technology to help design an advanced website and deliver a seamless customer experience.

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