January 21, 2021

DDoS Attack Jitters Most Of Companies

DDoS are used by unscrupulous competitors, sinister extortionists or just everyday cyber-vandals. It is one of the major cyberweapon in todays time.



More and more companies, regardless of their size or business, are encountering this threat. And, according to the results of a survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, the majority of companies believe that revenue and reputation losses are the most damaging consequences of a DDoS attack.

According to the figures, companies regard lost business opportunities – the loss of contracts or on-going operations that generate guaranteed income – as the most frightening consequence of a DDoS attack. 26% of companies that encountered DDoS attacks regarded this as the biggest risk.
Respondents from companies in different fields take different views of the consequences of DDoS attacks. For example, industrial and telecoms companies, as well as e-commerce and utilities & energy organizations, tend to rate reputational risks ahead of lost business opportunities. In the construction and engineering sector there is more concern about the cost of setting up back-up systems, perhaps because larger companies face higher expenditure on this kind of system.

“People who have not yet faced a particular threat often tend to underestimate it while those who have already experienced it understand which consequences might be the most damaging for them. However, it makes little sense to wait until the worst happens before acting – this can cost companies a lot, and not only in financial terms. That is why it is important to evaluate all possible risks in advance and take appropriate measures to protect against DDoS attacks”, said Evgeny Vigovsky, Head of Kaspersky DDoS Protection, Kaspersky Lab.

DDoS attacks on company resources are becoming a costly problem but only 37% of the organizations surveyed said they currently have measures in place to protect against them. This is an unnecessary oversight at a time when the IT security market can offer reliable and easy-to-deploy security solutions that are able to prevent loss of access to online services caused by a DDoS attack.

For example, Kaspersky DDoS Protection does not require the installation of heavy server solutions on the customer’s infrastructure. Traffic filtration during an attack is handled in special cleaning centers according to the tailor-made rules defined for each customer and each attack. The solution is backed up by Kaspersky Lab experts, whose many years’ experience of protecting against online threats allows them to detect attacks fast and block them, regardless of the intensity and complexity of the assault.