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Data Privacy Day: Andy Teichholz, Global Industry Strategist at OpenText

Andy Teichholz, Global Industry Strategist at OpenText on the occasion of Data Privacy Day.

“On this Data Privacy Day, most conversations will revolve around the use of GenAI, AI governance, and how organizations can effectively build and integrate AI into their operations without violating individual privacy rights and regulatory obligations.

As businesses focus on AI development strategies, many still lack a defensible data management strategy with controls in place to restrict personal data usage and safeguard data minimisation requirements. Organizations continue to fail to address a critical first step: knowing what personal data they have and how it is being used. How do companies do this effectively and efficiently? Ironically, AI is also the answer, using machine learning and advanced analytics to detect and protect personal data and information that extends beyond traditional sources to new repositories and file types (e.g., audio, video, and image data). Moreover, AI and advanced analytics, including information retrieval and eDiscovery solutions, provide a path for success in optimizing key privacy processes – such as enabling companies to respond accurately and timely to key requirements such as subject rights requests (SRR).

2024 will be a record-breaking election year around the world (over 50 countries will hold general elections). As a result, we may bear witness to a new geopolitical order that could complicate both AI strategy and policy as well as deployment considerations.

Therefore, businesses should use this time wisely, focusing on tightening their data management strategy before embarking on their organizational AI mission.”

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