D-Link Wireless Extender Wins Prestigious Good Design Award

The D-Link DAP-1320 Wireless Range Extender N300 has received a 2013 Good Design Award, given by the Japan Institute for Design Promotion (JDP) to recognize outstanding industrial design. Previously, the DAP-1320 had also been named a PC Magazine Editor’s Choice and been a top seller on Amazon.com.

dlinkAttractive and compact, the DAP-1320 is designed to improve Wi-Fi coverage in modern homes. Thanks to its small size, it won’t block nearby electrical outlets when plugged in. It links to an existing Wi-Fi network automatically with a single button press and rebroadcasts the signal to eliminate annoying “dead zones”, ensuring strong, stable wireless connections in every room.

“People today depend more than ever on their smartphones and tablets, meaning reliable Wi-Fi at home has become a necessity. Any weakness in coverage can mean that streaming movies skip, Internet calls drop, and messages sent over Wi-Fi don’t get through, which is incredibly frustrating,” said Mr. Anoop Jarial, VP – Product Marketing, D-Link (India) Limited. “The DAP-1320 closes coverage holes easily for reliable connections in every room, all with an award-winning modern look.”

As a Good Design Award winner, the D-Link DAP-1320 Wireless Range Extender N300 is eligible to bear the ‘G-Mark’, a trusted symbol globally since 1957 that connects outstanding industrial design with everyday life uses.