Our First Target is reach to Consumer through strong channels in semi urban and small town centres – Dushyant Mehta, CEO – Mediaman Infotech

Dushyant Mehta, CEO - Mediaman Infotech
Dushyant Mehta, CEO – Mediaman Infotech

Vikas Gupta :-  What is your vision on Mediaman for the next two years?

Dushyant Mehta :- The Business is getting around smart phones and Tablets Consumer demand for products which go along with this two productline.

Vikas Gupta :-  What are Mediaman’s focus areas in India in terms of the markets, industries and verticals that will help you maximize the potential?

Dushyant Mehta :- Our First Target is reach to Consumer through strong channels in semi urban and small town centres. India has a huge aspirational population which lives in interiors. Target audience through Brand stores and A class Retails in A and B class cities. Gifting Industry ,Organised retail  and etailers.

Vikas Gupta :-  What is Mediaman India’s roadmap for 2013?

Dushyant Mehta :- We will introduce world class high market Brands which is the need for young population of India which is below age of 35 and they are 65 % of present Population.

Vikas Gupta :-  What is your growth strategy here? What are the engines of growth for Mediaman in India?

Dushyant Mehta :- Consumerism in India is high growth for next decade.Middleclass is getting better and bigger. Urban population demand is for Branded Lux products which they can posses for individuality.

Vikas Gupta :-  What kind of strategy have you planned to position Mediaman Product successfully in the market?

Dushyant Mehta :- Mediaman as a Brand in channels and Industry is associated with Pristine Brands Provider which have world class in time technologies and service with a value for money satisfaction to the consumer. This reputation of Mediaman has huge acceptance in channels to start new Brands and Businesses which are emerging with the time and consumer demand. Mediaman has a 100% successful Track record of making any Brand successful and position it amongst top 2 in the product category in India.


Vikas Gupta :-  Currently, which product segments of Mediaman are doing well in the market and which you are focusing for the current quarter?

Dushyant Mehta :- Mediaman has Brought Japanease made Toshiba Flash Cards for the smartphone users and Ultra durable USB Flash Drives. Toshiba has a Global and Local Premium Brand Position.The technologically Toshiba is the leader in this Business. Mediaman Brought instant success to this product which Consumers demand was ready for.

Vikas Gupta :-  What are some of the points where Mediaman products score over the competing forces in India?

Dushyant Mehta :- Mediaman does a very Focus Business which makes it unique in the marketplace. Competitors likes Mediaman way of working as we carve new spaces in the market instead of doing business in the same areas.

Vikas Gupta :-  How many channel partners do you have? Do you have any channel related initiatives to drive channel growth?

Dushyant Mehta :- Mediaman is Present in the Business since 1987 Ofcourse all major players across country are our Parteners like family members.