CyientLaunches Solutions for 5G Deployment

Cyient, a global provider of engineering, manufacturing, geospatial, networks, digital, and operations management solutions to global industry leaders, announcedtoday that it has rolled out a portfolio of services and solutions that help Communication Service Providers(CSPs)expedite 5G network rollouts globally.The services will not only help in defining the migration roadmap towards the 5G NSA standard, but alsohelp in planning smarter and faster rollouts, including site verification and benchmarking in post deployment operations.

For the 5G planning phase, Cyient’s LiDAR-enabled surveying services anddrone-based mobile 3D survey capabilities help in efficient identification of areas for 5G rollout. This is further combined with GISbased coverage analysis to provide more inputs for optimal site planning.

Cyient also offers solutions in a portable and cloud-native form along with propagation modeling, single cell function test, multi-cell function test& passive inter-module testing servicesfor verification of availability and performance of the deployed networks.

Cyient has been offering cutting-edge transformation services to CSPsaround network planning and design, inventory managementand network operations, helping them to taketheir services to market faster, and improvetheend customer experience. With 5G accelerator services, Cyient aims to simplify the network and operational complexity for CSPs further,thereby, setting the framework for implementing high levels of network automation and analytics.

“We are living in an era where the pace of innovation is only growing with 5G bringing significant opportunities for players across the value chain in the areas of virtualization, automation, analytics and applications. We are already supporting a large CSP in 5G deployment and are in active discussions with other global CSPs”, said Sanjay Krishnaa, President APAC and Global Business Unit Head for Communications Business. “With complimenting solutions around IoT, RPA, AI and Service Assurance, 5G Accelerator services can truly help CSP in managing their network efficiently and providing differentiated services to their customers on 5G.”