Cool, Quiet, Ready for Use: New Platform for Micro Data Center and Edge Computing

Planning Freedom for FTTH Network Operators

Planning Freedom for FTTH Network Operators

R&M, the globally active developer and provider of cabling systems for high-quality network infrastructures, based in Wetzikon, Switzerland, is launching a ready-for-connection micro data center. It’s called EdgeGo Basic and is used as a platform to be able to provide infrastructures for edge computing in next to no time.

With EdgeGo, R&M is supporting the current trend for creating compact, high-performance data center infrastructures on the edge of the cloud. Here providers, companies, utilities and cities all over the world are installing large numbers of additional edge data centers. This means they are creating cloud-like, autonomous computing performance.

With EdgeGo R&M is launching a ready-wired, sound-proof micro data center for creating infrastructures at the edge site.

Processing major amounts of data on site

They need them to be able to operate particularly security-, time- and company-critical as well as bandwidth-greedy applications. If massive quantities of data had to be processed latency-free, the transmission path to a central hyperscale data center would often be too long and too expensive. Use cases of edge computing include 5G services, autonomous driving and production, artificial intelligence for buildings and machines, medical technology, trade, augmented reality, blockchain, smart city and smart grid.

R&M believes the ready-wired edge solutions could be implemented particularly in industrial companies producing in leased buildings. There would be no need to plan and integrate additional server rooms with raised floors and further elaborate components. A move would be simple as EdgeGo can simply be disassembled and moved on. Further areas of use are in trade, banks, law firms, hospitals, authorities and the transport industry as well as in the military.

R&M equips the EdgeGo housing with sound protection, cooling and a security camera. Users add cabling and IT equipment as required and can start operating the micro data center immediately.

EdgeGo has the dimensions of a rack with 42 height units. The cabinet is sound-proof. EdgeGo reduces the noise of the active equipment by 31 dBA. That corresponds to 99.9% of the typical emissions of IT devices. This means EdgeGo is particularly suitable for noise-sensitive environments. A temperature-regulated controller controls the speed of the ventilators. The active cooling attains a performance of 12 kW, a best-in-industry figure. The capacity of the passive cooling is 2.75 kW.