AbhiBus launches AbhiBus Prime, a customer-friendly initiative

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AbhiBus.com, India’s fastest growing online market place for bus ticketing today announced the launch of AbhiBus Prime, a unique membership initiative that allows customers to access to special offers, cancellation of bookings at zero cancellation charges, complimentary travel insurance, and priority customer support when needed. Travelers under AbhiBus Prime can avoid cancellation fees on travel & hotel bookings

From accessing special offers of travel and hotel reservations to zero cancellation charges on up to six bus bookings and hotel reservations, AbhiBus Prime is the perfect platform that allows customers to make hassle-free travel plans. The Prime membership also guarantees a travel insurance coverage of INR 4 lakhs, for a maximum of six journeys in a membership year.

Commenting on the launch of AbhiBus Prime, Mr. Biju Mathews, Chief Operating & Strategy Officer, AbhiBus said, “More than 50 per cent of bus travel bookings are done last minute and cancellations done a couple of hours before the journey that attracts huge cancellation charges. To address the issue of cancellation woes for bus travellers Abhibus has launched AbhiBus Prime where customers are protected against cancellation charges for up to six bus bookings or hotel bookings in a year; two per month limiting to 12 seats and 6 rooms maximum. The program also offers members free travel insurance on their bookings. This membership driven loyalty program will not only deliver value to our customers but drive repeat purchases for Abhibus.”

Time is of the essence, and AbhiBus Prime helps a customer avoid the queue and get priority service at every stage in a booking cycle. From booking of tickets and hotel to cancellation, a Prime member is the master of his/her time by dealing with travel related issues at convenience.