“Cybersecurity is crucial since it guards against theft and destruction of many types of data.” – Dipesh Kaura, General Manager, Kaspersky South Asia

Here’s the interview snippet from the interaction with Mr. Dipesh Kaura, General Manager, Kaspersky South Asia

Khushagra: Tell us about the current cybercrime and security situation in the nation right now?

Dipesh: More cybercrimes occurred in the first two months of 2022 than in the entire year of 2018. In the last three years, there has been a noticeable rise in cyber fraud cases and other cyber-related occurrences in India. During the Covid-19 lockdown, when most individuals worked from home, there was an increase in phishing assaults, bank frauds, mail-spams, and ransomware attacks. The attackers impersonated brands and misled staff members and clients. The pattern is consistent with global data, which shows that suspects in cybercrime have taken advantage of remote working, mainly as people use technology more frequently and often with poor cyber hygiene.

Khushagra: How is Kaspersky contributing to making all the workspaces secure with their products and solutions ?

Dipesh: Organizations should search for a solution with robust detection and response capabilities to secure complex infrastructure, including workloads in the cloud and on-premises, VDI, and remote workers. The system must provide options for reaction actions, visibility of risks in any endpoint, and background information on malicious activities. To better secure virtualized environments and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security has been enhanced and now interacts with Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response Optimum, Kaspersky Sandbox, and Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform. We provide the necessary defence for the infrastructure of any complexity, along with endpoint security.

Khushagra: Would you emphasize the essence of cybersecurity products to be deployed in every industry no matter how big or small they are?

Dipesh: Cybersecurity is crucial since it guards against theft and destruction of many types of data. The data includes delicate information, personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), personal data, data on intellectual property, and information systems used by the government and businesses. Any large or small company cannot protect itself from data breach operations without a cybersecurity programme, making it an unavoidable target for cybercriminals. Business executives cannot exclusively rely on standard cybersecurity tools like firewalls and antivirus software because hackers are growing more artful, and their strategies are becoming more resistant to traditional cyber defences. It’s critical to study every aspect of cybersecurity to ensure data safety.

Khushagra: Digital Marketing has seen quite a rise since the COVID, how has Kaspersky benefitted from the same?

Dipesh: Our mission statement—establishing a world free of cybercrime—is reinforced by Kaspersky’s digital marketing campaigns. Our digital campaigns are a fun way to interact with customers and re-establish our cybersecurity brand. It highlights Kaspersky products as the Data Guardian, which stands to watch over users’ sensitive data and protects them from cybercriminals. We aim to create a strong and devoted client base that would readily recall Kaspersky products through these innovative end-user contests that are a part of our marketing strategy. Our social media campaigns aim to develop our clientele globally and have a strong brand recall.

Khushagra: According to you, what industry still seems to have a lack of understanding of the need for security products, how can we bring more awareness to the same?

Dipesh: The security posture of the retail sector this year was worse than in previous years in terms of application security and social engineering. Retailers are using new payment and digital technologies to stay competitive, making them potential targets for fraudsters. Retailers still prioritize what customers want in this fiercely competitive sales environment, and front-end transaction simplicity triumphs over back-end retail app security.

Organizational commitment to the issue and an integrated security plan to make this a priority is the only fundamental ways to stay ahead of this issue in the retail industry and safeguard itself against assaults with increasing sophistication. Retailers must invest in cutting-edge security techniques and methods and rely on cybersecurity professionals like Kaspersky to assist in securing their systems.

Khushagra: Reliability is also a huge factor to consider while considering opting for a cybersecurity product, how does Kaspersky ensure the same?

Dipesh: The company’s one-license security suite, Kaspersky Internet Security, has received an Advanced+ Award from AV-Comparatives after scoring the highest possible marks in their most recent Enhanced Real-World Test. All 15 test scenarios yielded top scores for the security software, highlighting the potency of its defence against exploits, file-less malware, and other cutting-edge cyberthreats. Kaspersky was eager to participate in this test to give customers more peace of mind and trust when choosing products to secure their devices. We regularly evaluate our capabilities to ensure they can withstand real-world situations because attacks proliferate in nature with increased sophistication. The Advanced+ designation attests to Kaspersky’s Internet Security reliability and gives our clients confidence that they are selecting a trustworthy security programme to safeguard their online activity.

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