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Croma’s #MagicalSummerSale Urges Users To Upgrade

Taking a fun yet impactful take on the summer sale by Croma, content-to-commerce company Whoppl conceptualised and executed Croma’s digital campaign to promote #MagicalSummerSale. Leading with a creative agnostic approach, Whoppl curated a campaign with creators that uses funny pick-up lines and subtly integrates the products on sale.

In the two-part campaign, each video keeps users hooked while creatively integrating the brand’s key messaging. The first part of the campaign involved creators trying out ‘Magical product-integrated pickup lines’ on their friends in a fun and quirky way, leading to a strong call-to-action of Croma being magical for all, while subtly integrating each of the summer products throughout. The second part of the Magical Summer campaign involves creators giving quirky reasons to upgrade to Croma’s products with the hashtag #UpgradeTohBantaHai. Watch the campaign here.

Through this campaign, Whoppl ensured that Croma’s call to action is beautifully integrated while giving a refreshing twist to branded content. Talking about the campaign, Ramya Ramachandran, Founder & CEO, Whoppl, said, “At Whoppl, we don’t just create branded campaigns, we ensure that content leads to commerce. With #MagicalSummerSale, we not only partnered with the right creators to cater to localised focus geographies but also created content that audiences can relate too. Additionally with this campaign, we achieved an impressive engagement rate of 16%, soaring above the typical 1%-5% industry average for influencer marketing campaigns. X`We’ve been working with Croma for a while and the creative freedom that the team gives us has been immensely helpful in encouraging us to execute strategies that leave a mark and show tangible results”

Adding on, Croma spokesperson said, “Our Magical Summer campaign combined strategy and technology to deliver a truly magical client experience. We used a 360-degree marketing strategy including outdoor ads, social media, PR, and video ads. The influencer strategy, which made up a significant portion of our social media presence helped us engage and resonate with our target audience, driving traffic to our website and footfalls to stores.”

With a deep understanding of the latest trends and technologies, the team at Whoppl is always looking for new ways to help their clients succeed in a competitive marketplace. Leveraging the power of social media creators and artificial intelligence, Whoppl is a content- to-commerce company that designs campaigns to align with brand’s KPIs and deliver result oriented campaigns.

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