“Creation of BenQ Zowie gaming zones is one such initiative.”-Mr.Rajeev Singh, Managing Director, BenQ India

       Mr.Rajeev Singh, Managing Director, BenQ India

IT Voice:-About BenQ India – Current offerings & solutions for Indian market?

Mr. Rajeev Singh:-BenQ India is part of the larger BenQ Group, a world-leading human technology and solutions provider continuously focussing on enriching the aspects of life that matter most today like – lifestyle, business, healthcare and education. As a company that focuses on immersing the viewer with the world of Visuality, BenQ’s display solutions help viewers embrace and understand the power of visual communication – as intended by the makers of the image or the video.  In India, the current product portfolio of BenQ caters to both B2B and B2C consumers and comprises of technology like Projectors, LCD Monitors, Large Format Display which include Smart Signage and Interactive Flat Panels.

BenQ is the undisputed market leader with the No. 1 position in the Indian projector market with a market share of whopping 28.6%. Not just that, BenQ is also the no. 1 brand in the 27” LCD Monitor segment and currently the fastest growing monitor brand in the country.

IT Voice:-Last year has set new parameters of work culture everywhere in the world including India. What are some challenges BenQ faced and what solutions does the company intend to introduce for the Indian market?

Mr. Rajeev Singh:-Last year was a challenge for all of us and the ripple effects of the pandemic was felt on every industry, but on the other hand it has given us an opportunity to realign our business priorities.  BenQ India was one of the first brands to understand the shift of consumers to working, learning and entertaining at home, and adapted its product offering to cater to such customers and ensure products like monitors and projectors were readily available to ensure India never stopped.

Our Interactive Flat panels played an important role in ensuring that the quality of education which was now being though online classes was not hampered and that the kids enjoyed the same quality as in a physical classroom.

Our focus also increased on ecommerce as a viable retail platform, as people were vary towards stepping out and ecommerce platforms were working overtime to ensure sales demands were fulfilled and customers were receiving their products as soon as possible.

IT Voice:-Tell us more about the unique product Laser TV Projector

Mr. Rajeev Singh:-Laser TV is one our flagship products and one of its kind for the industry. We are gearing to launch its 4K UHD ultra-short throw Laser TV home projector (V6000/V6050) in India very soon. The Laser TV projector’s main highlight is that it is intended to replace – and be used like – a TV on your cabinet.

A projector is an addition to the TV at home right now. For the first time, we will have projectors replacing at least large size TVs at home, in many of the settings, especially the living room.

IT Voice:-The organization has been in India for 20 years now. What will be BenQ’s strategy for the year 2021?

Mr. Rajeev Singh:-While Smart Projectors, Large format displays, Eyecare and Height Adjustment Monitors will continue to be growth drivers in 2021– we are also working towards introducing some path breaking products for the Indian market in early 2021, which we are sure will revolutionize the power of understanding and consuming visual communication for the Indian audience. During 2021, we will be expanding this experience to all major LFR outlets across the country.

IT Voice:-With the introduction of new technologies every day, the technology market is changing at a fast pace. What will be BenQ’s key focus areas in the coming years for India?

Mr. Rajeev Singh:-Technology is an ever evolving space and we are all geared up to match the pace. BenQ is highly focused on enhancing its reach and consumer experience through on-ground retail touchpoints across the major markets of India. There will be an added investment going forward as the retail market comes back strongly as the pandemic slows down. We are also consistently investing in retail to showcase our gaming monitors and e-sports peripherals across all major gaming outlets. Creation of BenQ Zowie gaming zones is one such initiative.

IT Voice:-The significance of the online market couldn’t be ruled out in today’s world. How does BenQ intend to seize the opportunity to increase online sales?

Mr. Rajeev Singh:-The situation from the pandemic is truly something that none of us have seen or experienced before.  BenQ was one of the first brands to understand the shift of consumers to working, learning and entertaining at home, and adapted its product offering to cater to such customers and ensure products like monitors and projectors were readily available to ensure India never stopped. With people being vary of stepping out, ecommerce platforms proved to be a boon and the demand sky rocketed. BenQ owns its brand stores with the complete range of monitors and projectors on leading eCommerce portals like Amazon and Flipkart. Other than that, BenQ also aims at launching their own ecommerce website soon.

IT Voice:-What factors have been responsible for the shift in the market from B2B to B2C?

Mr. Rajeev Singh:-The industry landscape dramatically changed from business led solutions to home led solutions. At BenQ as well, we witnessed a dramatic shift from B2B to the B2C segment. This shift was majorly was to meet the demand of the changing times but the shift was an plus point for us Almost two thirds of BenQ business was B2B before the pandemic. Now, almost 80% of BenQ business is B2C.

Additionally, we are looking at three major trends to be the talk of 2021:

  • People will continue the trend of entertainment at home – with work from home being the norm, entertainment at home becomes an important part to ensure a people don’t end up burning out from all the work that there is to do. This will mean continued jump in demand for large screen consumer monitors for video watching and gaming applications, Portable projectors for home and installed 4K projectors for enjoying quality 4K content at home with a multiplex level picture quality and abundant 4k and full HD content available from OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + Hotstar etc

  • Hybrid Working – work from home also necessitates the importance of having the right equipment at home to ensure you are able to optimize your working experience – right from a screen that cares for your eyes without losing image quality, to cameras which help show your bright side to your colleagues to LCD Monitors with features like Height Adjustment that takes care of the ergonomics.

  • Blended Learning – Virtual classrooms are going to stay and hang around for some time. It therefore becomes of prime importance to ensure the equipment used to conduct these classes online for the teacher, and the right equipment for the student to understand concepts just like they would in a classroom.