CoreOS Linux Brings Linux Containers As A Service!

U0qB122602PM712014CoreOS has launched a commercial service to ease the pain of system administrators. The new commercial Linux distribution service can update automatically. System administrator doesn’t have to perform any major update manually.

This new service by CoreOS costs $100/month. Alex Polvi, founder and CEO of CoreOS said, “Enterprise Linux customer won’t need to perform any other migration after enabling CoreOS service. Businesses can use CoreOS as extension for their OS team.”

Linux based companies use open source and free applications and libraries for their operations. Red Hat and Suse offer commercial subscription services for enterprise edition of Linux. These services cover software, updates, integration and technical support, bug fixes etc.

Company assures that CoreOS has different strategy than other competitive services offered by other players in service, support distribution industry. Users will not receive any major updates, CoreOS wants to save hassle of manually updating all packages. The company plans to stream copy of updates directly to the OS and apply as soon as updates are ready. 

CoreOS has named the software as ‘CoreUpdate’, that controls and monitors software packages, their updates and also provides controls to the administrator to manually update few packages if he wants to. It has roll-back feature in case update causes any malfunction in machine. CoreUpdate can manage multiple systems at a time.

CoreOS was designed to promote use of open source OS kernel which is used in lot of cloud based virtual servers. The CoreOS consumes less than half of instance as compared to other Linux distribution services. Applications of distribution run in virtualised container called Docker. They can start instantly. CoreOS was launched in December of last year.

CoreOS uses two partitions, that help in easily updating distribution. One partition contains current OS, while other is used to store updated OS. This smoothens entire process of upgradation of a package or whole distribution. The service can be directly installed and run in system or via cloud services like Amazon, Google or Rackspace. Kleiner Perkins Caulfield and Byers Venture capital firm have invested over $ 8 million in CoreOS. The company was backed by Sequoia Capital and Fuel Capital in past. 

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