samsung galaxy note 3 black white pinkSamsung has started rolling out a similar firmware update to its Galaxy Note 3 phablet that was seen rolling out to Galaxy S4 flagship handset in May this year.

The firmware update for the Galaxy Note 3 includes Kids Mode, Samsung’s Knox 2.0 security software and the Download Booster feature. All three features were first seen in the Galaxy S5 (Review | Pictures) handset.

The Knox 2.0 security software, which is coming to Galaxy Note 3 as a part of the update (firmware N9005XXUFNF4), debuted earlier this year at MWC 2014, bringing new features such as Knox Workspace, EMM, Marketplace and Customization.

The Kids Mode feature is a way to let young children play specific games on the Galaxy Note 3 (Review | Pictures) device while all other apps are locked down and safe from accidental (or non-accidental) taps.

As per Phonearena, the third feature coming to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phablet is the Download Booster, which allows users to download files quicker than before. The Download Booster combines the 4G LTE wireless speed with the Wi-Fi speed (if available) together to download large sized files with the maximum download speed possible.

An XDA developers forum member also indicated some improvements in the battery life of the Galaxy Note 3 along with some enhanced animations with the firmware update. “So I’ve been using the device since the update for some time battery life has seemed to improve slightly, I have very heavy usage I’m gaming all the time since I’m fasting lol. They’ve improved the animations aswell. In my opinion I’d actually class this an update that has made a difference to my phone (for once),” stated st3chn0 at the XDA developers forum.

The firmware update (N9005XXUFNF4) is said to be rolling out to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 models in the UK region for now, specifically the Snapdragon 800-powered variants. We assume the same update to gradually arrive in different regions later. The OTA update is sized at 185MB.


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